The new, faster-spreading strain of COVID-19 has triggered a situation of fear and panic all over the world. 

The new COVID-19 stain, which is 70% more infectious, was first found in the UK on 14th December. But now it is not only confined to the UK and is spreading in many other countries. 

Check out the countries that confirmed the cases of new COVID-19 strain.

1. Netherlands 

After the UK, the new stain was first detected in the Netherlands on 22nd December. The strain was found in two people in the Amsterdam area and one of them recently visited the UK.

2. Denmark 

In Denmark, 9 cases of the new strain have been detected so far. 

3. Germany

On 20th December, a woman who travelled from London to Frankfurt tested positive for the new strain. 

4. Italy 

On 20th December,  a traveller who recently arrived at Rome’s Fiumicino airport  from the UK tested positive for the new strain. 

On December 23, Italy detected the 2nd case of the new strain in Ancona. In this case, the patient had not travelled to the UK. 

5. France 

On 21st December, France confirmed the first case of a new variant after a Frenchman who returned from London on 19th December tested positive. The man has no symptoms but he is quarantined at home.

6. Australia 

On 21st December, two people who travelled from the UK to New South Wales tested positive for the new variant. Both the travellers have been kept in isolation. 

Australia has also cancelled many domestic flights, to reduce the spread of the new COVID-19 strain.

7. Spain 

Four cases of new COVID-19 strain were reported in Madrid, Spain. All four have recently arrived from the UK.

8. Sweden 

On 26th December, Sweden reported the first case of the new strain after a traveler from the UK arrived in Sormland to celebrate Christmas. But he became  ill and tested positive later. He has been kept isolated and no more positive cases have been detected so far.

As more people can be infected with the new strain, health authorities have urged people who have travelled from the UK after 12th to be tested for the coronavirus.

9. Japan 

On 26th December, seven travellers who arrived from the UK, tested positive for the  new variant of the coronavirus. As a safety measure, Japan will ban  foreign visitors from entering the country for one month, w.e.f. 28th December.

10. Canada 

On 26th December, a couple in Ontario found infected with the new strain of the virus. How they got the infection is not clear because they hadn’t travelled anywhere or came in contact with an infected person. For now the couple is in self-isolation at home.

Several countries have imposed a ban on flights from the UK as most people who were found infected with the new COVID-19 strain have travelled from the UK. However, some infected people had no known travel history.