10. Prince Harry & Meghan Markel (The Royal Family, England)

The Prince & the rightful heir of Britain’s Throne, Prince Harry lives with his wife Meghan in Frogmore Cottage, a place situated at a minimal distance from London. The Place is like a highly guarded fort in itself. As per the local reports, flying of Drones etc is not allowed in the vicinity. Apart from 1000+ ground security staff present on the ground to guard the Royals, multiple cameras have been installed in the area eyeing for security breaches.

9. Bill Gates, (Microsoft Founder & Former CEO)

Bill Gates, formerly the richest & now the 2nd richest person of the globe, is one of the most guarded people on earth. After Microsoft became the most successful software company in the world in the mid-90s, Bill Gates was attacked with a birthday cake on his face by some pranksters. The incident alerted him in a way, that he reconstructed his office to make its walls thicker and installed bulletproof glasses everywhere.

Apart from this, there have been several instances when former Microsoft employees have threatened Bill Gates of killing him. As a result, the company has since increased the security for Bill Gates. He is always guarded by a team of highly trained bodyguards, and people have to go through several security checks to meet the man.

Further, if he is travelling to any foreign land, then apart from his guards, the government takes care that the Bill Gates presence is guarded by highly trained commandos.

8. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO & Founder, Facebook Inc.)

One of the top 10 richest people in the world, Facebook CEO & founder, Mark Zuckerberg is the most guarded CEO in the world. He has the highest security budget in the world that any company’s CEO. In the year 2017 & 2018, a hefty sum of $7.3 million (Rs. 52 Crore) & $20 Million (Rs. 140 Crore) respectively was was spent on his security.

Highly trained and skilled guards are always on his side, whether he is on his daily jogging routine, or going through his mail in office or it just in another business meeting or his family dinners. To handle situations of emergency, his premises are equipped with the panic room as well.

His guards are always on run when he is approaching for a new place so that they move ahead of him to secure the parameters. Whether he is on the ground or in his car, his security team always keeps an eye on the whereabouts and continuously changes the routes for Zuckerberg’s conveyance.

His house has a team of 16 bodyguards, guarding him all the time.

7. Xi Jinping (President, China)

The most populated country in the world, & the 3rd most powerful nation, China has many enemies around the corner. Being the President of such a vast nation, Xi Jinping’s life is always at stake. The man is guarded by a secret agency known as the Central Security Bureau (CSB). The agency has more than 5000 security personnel, dedicated to the wellness of the President.

With the use of high technology devices and vehicles like drones, cameras, helicopters, bulletproof vehicles, the agency takes cares of every situation and perimeter where the President is heading to. The team makes sure that not even a bird comes in the secured grounds that can harm Jinping.

6. Mohammad Bin Salman (Crown Prince aka Wali Ahad of Saudi Arabia)

The most important life for the country and one of the most significant and influential people on earth, Saudi Arabia’s Prince is not only a Political Leader but also the member of one of the richest families in the world and the Royal Family of the gulf nation.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud arrives for the funeral of Prince Badr bin Abdul Aziz, former deputy commander of the National Guard at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh, April 2, 2013. REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser (SAUDI ARABIA – Tags: POLITICS MILITARY ROYALS OBITUARY) – RTXY5TY

After coming into power in 2017 as the Crown Prince, Salman’s security has been the responsibility of a special team, which was formed by combining top personnel from the country’s security & military forces. The team consists of 1000 security personnel, guarding the grounds of the Prince.

The team not only includes bodyguards, armed personnel and intelligence experts they are also prepared to face technological threats with the help of a special cyber team. It is reported that the team will have 800 new security personnel by the year-end 2019.

Recently, the country has invested a hefty sum of $ 20 billion on purchasing and manufacturing of weapons and arms.

5. Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of England, United Kingdom)

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most VIP persons around the world. Her security team is not only highly trained but also a secret one. The team consists of ‘Queen’s Guards’ whose whole and sole duty is to safeguard ‘The Queen’.

The Queen’s Residence, Buckingham Palace is guarded by ‘Queen’s Guard’, a team of highly skilled guards who are always present on the premises.

The Queen’s security service makes sure that her travel and presence go unhindered.

4. Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India)

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world. Narendra Modi, PM of India is one of the most significant people. He is not only the most influential person of India but of the world as well for 2019, as per a Forbes survey.

Special Protection Group (SPG) is the prime entity which is responsible for the security of Indian PM. Apart from 500+ SPG commandos, officers & guards who are at 24 hours service of the PM, Delhi State Police also plays a significant role in the protection of PM. Further, the convoy of the PM consists of tens of cars including high-tech & bulletproof vehicles rendered from BMW, Mercedes & other top automobile manufacturers.

The topmost trained personnel of the country comes from NSG aka National Security Guards. PMs security staff and convoy always has a specified number of NSG commandos as well.

3. Kim Jong Un (Dictator of North Korea)

The peculiar behaviour of this person has made him enemies with many countries including Japan, South Korea & USA. However, he is the most important person in his country. An independent report suggested that even though he is not the most guarded person in the world, but the title for the most number of security staff is dedicated for him up till now.

A team of guards trained in Martial Arts is always guarding the dictator. It is believed that not only a thousand or ten thousand but as much as 90,000 soldiers are always on duty to safeguard Kim Jong Un.

As per an intelligence agency in North Korea, the USA & Russia had planned to take down Kim in 2019. Since then his security staff and facilities have been escalated.

2. Donald J Trump (President, USA)

You thought he’d be number one of the lists. Yeah? Me too. But not he isn’t. For 2019, Donald J Trump, the most powerful person of the most powerful nation is the second most guarded person on earth. Donald J Trump is already one of the richest people in the world and an influential personality. His security was already a sensitive matter even before he became the President of the USA.

Also, the USA President has been the most guarded person for years for the significance and power they hold in the country and across Globe.

However, Trump is a business tycoon and now the President of the USA has been under many controversies and are on the enemy mark of many countries, secret agencies & even many terrorist organizations. As a result, his security has been a highly prior and sensitive matter. He is one of the most Guarded US Presidents ever.

The President, at a time, is guarded by 1000+ trained and skilled guards and security staff. The team includes experts who are capable of handling, nuclear, biological & chemical hazards and attacks. The convoy may include several cars ranging from 12 to 50+ cars depending upon the sensitivity of the situation, event or location where the President is travelling to. The convoy is eyed from the air with the help of helicopters.

1. Vladimir Putin

The most powerful person in the world and the most guarded person in the world right now is Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. Although the convoy and on-ground security of Putin may not famish you. But he the secret services guarding the President of Russia have deployed around 2000 to 3000 secret undercover soldiers in civil uniforms. The staff is equipped with facilities including bulletproof cars & other vehicles, security surveillance drones, aerially eyeing helicopters, and much more.

The secret intelligence team monitors the activities of an area before the President is about to arrive at the location and continues the monitoring during his presence.