Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with their job and are always hunting for a new one. Many of us have been doing jobs against their own will. Almost every one of us is in the pursuit of finding a dream job for ourselves. 

Finding a new job is not child’s play. Even those who are experienced and skilled for their dream job face difficulties in finding a Job. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind about getting a dream job. Also, if you are already done with the former steps, you are free to skip to the next ones.

1. Passion to Profession

It is very customary to say “Follow Your Passion”. But many of us are not even aware, what is our passion. The first step towards getting a dream job determines to determine your passion. What kind of work it is, that triggers you from inside? Turning your passion into a profession is the best way to lead a life because when you follow your passion, you don’t need a vacation from your work.

So, determine what are your interests and how can you turn that into a profession. This will clear out a lot of vagueness and you will get a direction for your future.

2. Develop Necessary Skills

Once you’ve narrowed down your passion, then you need to start polishing yourself. One must be well acquainted with necessary skills for turning that passion into profession. This can be done by undertaking certification courses, pursuing diploma courses or undertaking graduation and post-graduation programs at universities. These days, universities and colleges are providing courses on almost everything. May it be computer sciences, arts, commerce or anything else.

You can also learn by watching youtube video tutorials. Nowadays, youtube has tutorials about every single thing that you wish to learn. It is like google of videos. Also, there are thousands of websites which are providing online classes & tutorials at very feasible subscription fees. 

3. Earn Some Experience

Skills and knowledge are necessary for becoming a professional, but they are not the concluding evidence of your ability to become one. Internships & on-field training play a vital role in earning you some experience. These days paid internships are also available. Isn’t it great? You get to earn and learn at the same time.

To find an internship that suits your interest in the best manner. Most importantly the employer or principal shall be looked upon. Because it is his or her guidance that will carve the professional out of you.

4. Promote yourself

It is a simultaneous process which runs along step 2 & 3. Once you have opted for the course, start promoting yourself as a person of particular interest. Sell yourself like a product. Show your skills and share your knowledge among your social connections. Leave an impression in their mind that you are working in this direction to develop your career. 

You can also promote your interest and work on social media platforms such as starting a youtube channel or developing an attractive Instagram profile. However, whatever you do, don’t forget to have a strong profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best social media platform to find a good job. You can find the right connections there which can yield you that dream job of yours. 

5. Build a Narrative

No matter how much you show your skills on Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn, you are always going to need a document that describes your skills & interests in the best possible manner. Build an impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV). Include your strengths, weaknesses, skills, experience, interests, personal profile and achievements in that.

Try to avoid making common mistakes. Especially avoid copying a resume. Your employer comes across hundreds of such documents regularly. It is easy for him to catch a resume which is copied. You can try to learn and get inspiration from someone’s resume, but always try to make one by yourself.

6. Choose the Employer

Once you are done with getting necessary skills, experience and developing a nice and attractive (but truthful) resume, it is time to narrow down a company or an organisation which can give you your dream job. There are thousands of companies working in every field. It is very hard to find the perfect one.

Try to look up to things such as your desired package, preferred city of working, preferred work time, work environment etc. Then narrow down some of the organisations that match the most of your pointers. 

7. Do your homework.

After you’ve narrowed down the best organisation to move ahead in your career, it is time to understand them. Before you go for an interview, you need to understand your future employer. Understand the organisation’s vision, their policies, strategies, their work environment, their major fields of work, clients they deal with and more such inside stuff. 

For this, you can find an inside contact who can give you the basic info about the insights of the organisations. Such contact will also help you in yielding the job easily. Apart from this, the organisation’s official website can help you a lot in learning a lot of stuff about them. You can also visit their social media handles to know their whereabouts & daily activities & engagements properly.

8. Prepare for the interview

It is not as easy as it seems. Indeed it is one of the toughest of all the steps. You need to work on your communication skills, behavioural aspects and be presentable. The person who will interview you has the vision of paying the one he hired.

They must get the worth for whatever they will be paying. Make sure that you have prepared well in every manner to appear in an interview. The best thing is you can join personality circles or a personality development class to help you polish your skills. 

9. Build a Network

Always keep working on building a strong network of people. Not particularly in your field, but yet majorly from the field of your interest. This is important because sometimes, your skills may fall short to get your dream job but a good contact can help you get the opportunity with the space to develop those skills and work while learning alongside.

And if you have a good contact in your dream organisation, then you’ve got a lot of things sorted. Because it will act as a good reference in your interview as well as give you a comfortable work environment once you are inside the organization.

10. Appear in the Interview and Get that Dream Job

The last and the final step of this long process is to dress well, put a lot of confidence in yourself and appear for the interview which is a gateway to your dream job. Stay confident, be truthful, don’t try to fake things at all. The person who is interviewing you is interviewing you obviously because he has more experience and a better vision than you. If you are nervous, under-confident or fake at all, it is very easy for them to find out. 

On the other hand, don’t take things too seriously, they are also human and they need you as much as you need them. It is a two-way deal, so don’t get all sweaty for that small piece of conversation with your future boss. 

Clear the interview and sit on the chair of your dreams. This is the comprehensive agenda for getting any dream job. May it be a Chartered Accountant, An Engineer, a Technological expert, An Artist or anything else.

Hope this was helpful for you. If you feel that you need suggestions or help on some other points as well. Leave a comment below. We will be happy to help. 

All the best.