Every Country in the world has a different kind of educational system. Education is the part of human life that never ends. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”. As we move forward education becomes more important for us. Education brings knowledge, skills, and understanding in one’s life.

The OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development releases a list of the world’s most educated countries every year. In this list, OECD ranks different countries according to their education system, with the help of a committee having 36 members.

1. Canada

university of toronto

Canada holds the 1st position in OECD’s list. As per the report of OECD, Canada is the most educated country in the world followed by Japan and Israel. Nearly 89% of Canadians have managed to achieve their secondary education and 61% of people between 25-64 age completed their tertiary qualification. On education, Canadian prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “We need the education to enable people to learn, think and adapt”. The University of Toronto is one of the top university of Canada.

Population – 37,74 2,154; Tertiary – 56.7 1%; Upper Secondary – 34.41%; Below Upper Secondary – 8.87%.

2. Japan

University of Tokyo

Japan is the second most educated country in the world. It is the highest performing OECD country. Half of the population are educated adults. Japanese have a better educational system than other countries. One of the best university in Japan is the University of Tokyo, which ranks 23rd in the world. It has given the world some notable alumni including 15 Prime Ministers of Japan and five astronauts.

Population – 126,476,461; Tertiary – 51.44%.

3. Israel


According to OECD around 49.90 % of its population has educated adults and it is a highly developed country in terms of education. On an average, 47 % of the Israelis have managed to hold a degree for their survival and only 16% of people have not even completed their secondary education. Israel’s top university is the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Population – 8,655,535; Tertiary – 50.92%; Upper Secondary – 36.46%; Below Upper Secondary – 12.63%.

4. Korea

KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

Korea comes at the 4th position as the most educated country in the world. Substantially 66% of Korean adults have managed to finish their tertiary education. No doubt, KAIST- Korea advanced institute of science and technology of South Korea is the top University located in Daejeon.

Population – 51,269,135; Tertiary – 47.74%; Upper Secondary – 39.87%; Below Upper Secondary – 12.39%

5. United Kingdom

cambridge university

As per the data given by OECD 45.96% of the population of the United Kingdom is educated adults. Oxford and Cambridge universities are some of the top university of the United Kingdom.

Population – 67,886,011; Tertiary – 45.74%; Upper Secondary – 35.42%; Below Upper Secondary – 18.83%

6. United States


According to the OECD most educated countries list, it holds the sixth position. Substantially 89% of people in the United States have managed to achieve their secondary education. If we talk about universities Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University are among the top universities in the US.

Population – 331,002,651; Tertiary – 46.36%; Upper Secondary – 44.29%; Below Upper Secondary – 9.35%

7. Australia


Australia had managed to secure the 7th position in the list of the world’s most educated countries. It holds a very lengthy process for its education system that’s why on an average only 41% of Australians had managed to holds a degree in tertiary education. Australian National University (ANU) is the top University of Australia.

Population – 25,499,884; Tertiary – 45.36%; Upper Secondary – 35.63%; Below Upper Secondary – 19.01%

8. Finland


Finland holds the eighth position in the list. Finland’s government has taken full responsibility for educating its people. The University of Helsinki is the highest ranked University in Finland.

Population – 5,540,720; Tertiary – 44.30%; Upper Secondary – 43.80%; Below Upper Secondary – 11.90%

9. Norway


It comes in 9th position in the list of most educated countries globally. In terms of education 43.02% peoples are considered as educated adults according to the OECD’s list. The University of Oslo is ranked first in Norway and 135th in the world as of 2019.

Population – 5,421,241; Tertiary – 43.21%; Upper Secondary – 38.76%; Below Upper Secondary – 18.03%

10. Luxembourg

University of luxemburg

OECD considered Luxembourg as the tenth most educated country in the world. 42.86% of its population is educated adults. Luxembourg is one among the least-populous countries in Europe. In this country, the University of Luxembourg is the top ranked University.

Population – 625,978; Tertiary – 40.33%; Upper Secondary – 36.37%; Below Upper Secondary – 23.30%


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