Cancer is one of the most dangerous and most difficult to cure diseases. Even though Doctors, Scientists and researchers have been working on for years to develop techniques, treatments and medicines to cure it 100%, but still no one can claim that they can cure cancer by 100%. Curing cancer is the biggest endeavour that has kept medicinal researchers across the globe engaged for years.

However, a doctor of Indian Origin along with his students at the University of Findlay, Ohio claim that they have developed a cure to the Brain Cancer, which is one of the most fatal forms of cancer.

If we ask, what cancer is, then in the most simple language, Cancer is a group of diseases where abnormal cell starts to grow. These cells have the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. One of the major types of cancer is brain cancer. The Brain Cancer is generally started from Brain Tumor which later on turns into cancer.

The severity of Brain Cancer

Currently, 700,000 people in the USA are diagnosed with a brain tumour. The number gets increased every year by 80,000 new cases. Of these total people afflicted with Brain tumours, 32% are considered to become malignant i.e. it will eventually convert into cancer.

Generally, the people diagnosed with a primary malignant brain tumour do not have any known risk factors which would cause the tumour. However, there are certain factors and genetic conditions which increase a person’s chances of developing a tumour over time. These factors include:

  • As a person gets older, their immunity system gets weaker and the risk of developing a tumour increases. 
  • If a person has ever been exposed to radioactive radiations, then there is a good chance of getting a tumour or any other kind of cancer as well. Anatomic bomb or a nuclear explosion survivor’s are amongst the top candidates on this list.
  • Further, people exposed to ionizing radiation such as radiation therapy used to treat cancer are also prone to get brain tumours.
  • Rare genetic disorders like Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, and Neurofibromatosis (NF1 and NF2) are other factors that pose a threat of developing certain types of brain tumours.
  • Apart from this, it can be genetically inherited and there is little evidence that brain cancer runs in families.

As per the studies, in the last 5 years, Brain Cancer has just 10 per cent survival rate. This incurable disease has claimed lots and lots of medical expenditure and still, the patients could not be saved.

Symptoms & Problems

Brain tumour will cause headaches that will get worse over time. Further, personality changes, eye weakness, nausea or vomiting, difficulty in speaking and short-term memory loss are amongst some prominent symptoms of the disorder. It is not necessary that a tumour has to turn into cancer. Benign or non-cancerous tumours can be fatal and life-threatening as well and one should consult the doctor as soon as they come across the symptoms. Generally, Primary Brain Tumors develop in young children or older adults. It is most common in children of 0-14 years of age and at an average age of 59 years. 

100% Cure to the Brain Cancer

However, a bunch of students claim that they have found a way that could heal and recover brain cancer patients and they have done so under the guidance and leadership of Indian Origin Doctor. 

The story comes from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Findlay in Ohio where the students tell that they have created a chemical compound which will be beneficial for curing brain cancer in patients. 

The leader and the guide of the team, Dr Rahul Khupse says “Finding those compounds, we can not only get to the brain or get to the brain cancer but also spare the normal cells, the normal brain cells. This is very, very important for us.” Dr Rahul is a medicinal chemistry professor at the University.

Working with the Deadliest Form of Cancer

Glioblastoma Multiforme (also known as GBM) is a potentially incurable form of cancer making it the most dangerous & deadliest of all (primary) brain cancers. The type of cancer is widely regarded as universally fatal as it has a killing rate of 95% of patients within five years of diagnosis. It is an aggressive and adaptable form of brain cancer and no conventional medicines and treatment methods proved effective to cure it. It is so because it is really difficult to get a chemical strong enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier to eliminate the harmful cells while not damaging the normal cells.

The students worked on Glioblastoma. They researched to find a set of chemical compounds that would eliminate harmful cells affected with Glioblastoma without damaging the normal cells. Out of the many chemical compounds that they worked upon, a compound dubbed RK-15 performed the best. 

As explained by Jacob Reyes, RK-15 chemical compound was smart enough to just attack the harmful cells and leaving healthy brain tissue as it is making it a better solution than others. Jacob is one of the students who were a part of this discovery.

Primary brain cancers are of different types. The survival rates of the patients vary significantly depending on the type of cancer. Types of brain cancer like meningioma, anaplastic ependymoma and oligodendroglioma, are highly treatable and can be cured with medical assistance. However, other types are less responsive to treatment just like Glioblastoma.

Giving Students Hand-on Experience

The students are given hands-on experience during their studies. This will give them better practical exposure and will prepare them for their future career and profession in a better manner.

As de4scribed by Reyes, the students feel the great opportunity because Findlay University gives them one-on-one interaction with their children. Further, it is very easy for the students to get an opportunity to get into the labs and work on developing such drug compounds which will go on to make a difference in the world.

Currently, the chemical compound RK-15 will undergo testing phase on lab animals. If the test’s results are affirmative, then the medicines could be approved & released in the market to save the lives of cancer patients. And if the claim of the research team proves fair, then the world may soon come across a medical marvel, which can save millions of Brain Cancer afflicted patients around the world.