In a fascinating development, 11-year-old Hardik Raghuwanshi from Vadodara recently set a world record for the most rotations on a wave board in 1 minute. The 7th grade student surpassed the record held by a teen from US and completed twenty-two 360-degree-rotations on the wave board in just one minute to set the record.

The record was earlier held by Javier Lopez, a California, US resident who completed 18 rotations in just one minute and set the record for most 360-degree rotations on the wave board back in 2019.

A student of Bright Day School, Hardik recently gave an interview to TOI where he was quoted saying, “I used to ride caster board for three years. One day, while I was performing a stunt, I rotated my caster board in circular motion. At that moment, I realized that I could perform 360-degree rotations continuously.”

Realization is something, acting on it is different, and aiming for the moon is a whole different thing. Hardik started practicing the 360-degree-rotations and in 17 days, he attained the goal. It should be noted that Hardik attempted the record successfully back in January this year.

However, it took the Guinness Book of World Records some time to approve the record. On August 9, the 11-year-old boy from Vadodara was finally added in the books.

The Facts of the Matter

“They see me rollin’, they hatin’”, if ever there was a song that could be dedicated to the recent 11-year-old who entered the Guinness World Records, it would be this. 11-year-old Hardik Raghuwanshi recently ‘rolled’ his way into the record book after he set the world record for most number of rotations on a wave board in one minute.

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Vadodara Tween Sets Guinness Record

The 11-year-old ‘tween’ lives in Vadodara and studies in Bright Day School. Back in January, he attempted the record for most amount of 360-degree-rotations on a caster board (wave board) in one minute, and eventually ended up creating the record.

By doing so, he dethroned a California-based teen Javier Lopez who had completed 18 such rotations. Hardik not only surpassed that number, but added a hefty lead. He completed 22 such rotations in 60 seconds.

Hardik Completed 22 spins in one minute

Hardik Completed 22 spins in one minute

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Hardik Explains his Process in YouTube Video

In one of his videos on his YouTube channel, the 11-year-old goes on to explain the meaning of a wave board. He says that a wave board is similar to a skate board, and only as 1 wheel in the front and 1 wheel in the back.

In the video, Hardik explains in a shocking maturity that it took him two main things to achieve the title, one being practice and other being waiting. He mentioned that he practiced for one and a half years to attain the title.

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Watch Hardik’s Falling, Failing & Recovering

As the video progresses, a viewer will be able to see the amount of falling and failing Hardik had to overcome to create the record. Several clips showed him practicing in parking lots, skating areas, and even in the middle of the night to get better.

In the final part of the video, viewers can see a first-person POV of a person holding a stopwatch and Hardik attempting the final and successful attempt. He completes twenty-two 360-degree-rotations successfully.

In another video, the 11-year-old world-record holder can be seen unboxing of his Guinness World Records certificate.


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