Child prodigy 11-yo-Laurent Simons is the new Sheldon Cooper in town. He has become the world second youngest graduate. While most 11-year-olds eat and spend their time watching cartoons on television, young Laurent is already done his graduation in physics and is eying on doing research on how to make humans ‘immortal’.


Another boy genius has appeared to put all the adults cribbing about their university courses to shame. Laurent Simons is a 11-year-old kid that has already earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Antwerp. By doing so, he has become the world’s second-youngest graduate.


11 yo Laurent Simons

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Sheldon Cooper – The ‘Boywunder’ Who Created a Nuclear Reactor

Laurent’s academic trajectory is reminiscent to that of Sheldon Cooper’s. For the unversed, Sheldon Cooper is not a real person but a fictional character from the popular show The Big Bang Theory. In the show, Cooper plays an avant-garde astrophysicist.


New Sheldon Cooper – Laurent Simons | Image Credit: Syri TV

At just 16-years old, Sheldon attained his PhD. The ‘wunderkid’ possessed a high IQ and even made a nuclear reactor at a young age to provide free electricity to his hometown. It should be noted that Laurent too has noble cause in his mind and wants to make humans immortal.

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Summa Cum Laude Laurent Simons


Laurent Simons is the World’s Second Youngest Graduate | Image Credit: Syri TV

Recently, Laurent created the buzz by achieving his graduate degree in physics from the University of Antwerp. Not only did he graduate at a young age of 11, he also completed his 3-year degree in just 1 year. Not only did Simon did that, he did this with flying colors. According to the university spokesperson, he graduated Summa Cum Laude (an honorary title used by universities that a student attained the degree with ‘highest distinction’).

Laurent’s 1st Degree Came When He Was 8

The boy wonder from Flemish coast, Ostend received his first degree – his high school diploma at just 8. The next year and a half saw him toiling hard under books and he received his high school graduation. On his major achievement of becoming the second youngest graduate in the world, his University spokesperson was quoted by Brussel Times saying-

“Simons has been studying for his bachelor’s degree in physics since March 2020, and he now graduated with 85 per cent, which is the highest distinction,”

It seems like Laurent has no plans of stopping. As per the University spokesperson, he will now be working towards master’s degree. Further, his thirst for knowledge will also make him start on working on his PhD while he pursues his master’s degree.


Child Prodigy 11 yo Laurent Simons | Image Credit: Syri TV

Laurent’s Main Plan – Making Humans Immortal

While his next mission is to earn his master’s degree, Laurent’s main aim in the long-run is to find a way to immortalize humans. According to Laurent, his thirst for understanding the challenging subject of quantum physics comes from his goal of replacing human parts with mechanical parts to achieve immortality. He even has mapped out as to how he plans to do so and will be working with the best professors in the field.

The boy genius claims that in his pursuit to make humans immortal he wanted to know all he could about classical mechanics to quantum physics.

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He Could’ve Graduated at 10

Talking about Laurent’s life a little more, he had previously studied at t UGent and had even received credits from Eindhoven University. However, due to certain disagreements with the university, Laurent dropped out in 2019.

It’s interesting to note that Laurent could have become the first university graduate under the age of 10 years in the world. However, as per his university, Laurent needed to complete a few more exams to receive graduation. In the end, his family refused the university’s plan of course.