No doubt, 2020 has been a terrible year for everyone. People have faced a series of unfavorable events including COVID-19 outbreak, airplane crash, wildfires, earthquakes, flood and  farmers protest. Moreover, people lost their dear and near ones, their jobs, and suffered from depression and anxiety. Thus Twitter urged people to roast this year. 

On 22nd December, Twitter posted a tweet “Roast 2020. Go”. Let’s Check that tweet:

The impact of this tweet was so huge that it went viral in a glimpse of time and number wise speaking, it bagged 15 thousand retweets with 132 thousand likes. 

Thousands of people around the world participated and posted their content in innovative ways to roast this year.  The content included stories about how their year had gone while some stories compared this year to their “worst ex.” 

Kudos to Twitter! As they managed to make people engaged as always but also, let them enjoy and share hilarious responses and content. They made difficult times a little merry in this festive season when all are struggling to smile.

The tweet also got responses from several famous brands. Twitter has used some of those responses for its billboard campaign around New York City. 

Wanna check out some interesting and hilarious responses??? Dive In 

This is not the first time when twitter asked its users to do something like this. Before this Twitter had asked its users to describe 2020 in one word and this tweet also made a mark, it was joined by brands like YouTube, Subway,  Xiaomi and Netflix. 



Hope Twitter keeps on pushing our creativity and let’s us stay entertained and hope this New Year, 2021 brings joy to the world.