In a strange incident, a 13-year-old online gaming addicted boy uploaded nasty content from his parent’s social media profiles, erased all of the data from their smart phones, and threatened his father. Their smart phone screens were flashing with some weird graphics as well. The shocking incident came to light when parents complained to the police about their cell phones being hacked by some professional hacker.


A cyber attack by a 13-year-old boy in Jaipur frightened his parents. By placing a hacking app on parent’s phones, class 8th student hacked their social media profiles. At first, the kid informed the police that a hacker had threatened to harm his parents. Later on, the child confessed that all he was doing just a prank.

According to cyber specialist Mukesh Chaudhary, Harmada police station, a person complained about having their Facebook and mobile accounts hacked. The person started getting threats in WhatsApp chats shortly after filing a complaint. The message was sent by the intimidating person pretending to be a hacker. Following consulting a cyber specialist, the kid confessed, he carried out all of this activity. He thought that no one could possibly catch him. By viewing online prank videos, he was inspired to give it a try.

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How Cyber Cell Division Discovered the Kid Behind This Cyber Attack?

As per Mukesh Chaudhary, the Cyber specialist of the Police Commissionerate of Jaipur, the parents also spotted chips and Bluetooth earphones taped to the walls of their residence. They thought someone was spying on their family with the help of gadgets. The team traced the mobile device’s IP address that was used to post and leave inappropriate remarks on a Facebook account. In which it was discovered that the Facebook profile was not hacked but rather that the message was uploaded from a mobile device at the residence. That phone turned out to be the one belonging to the uncle, whose eighth-grade student son, age 13, was using it. A cyber specialist showed doubts about the child.  But the parents claimed that the child can’t do it, it was a hacker activity. Later on, the cyber cell division discovered that their son was accountable for all the terrible activities happening to them.

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Cyber Expert‘s Message for Parents

According to cyber specialist Mukesh Chaudhary, No police complaint has been initiated in the incident, because the parents withdrew. But this example demonstrates how necessary it is to have a basic knowledge of technology and how essential it is for everybody to keep an eye on the activities of the kids.


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