Amidst an era where there is a continuous fight going on between over-usage of plastic material and switching to biodegradable means and packaging, this cafe is setting an example for all of us that how it is indeed possible to live 100% without plastic.

On one hand, when we are surrounded by the people who have made plastic usage as their habit, there are architects and designers in the world, who are innovating to flourish the ideology of sustainable development. 

“Cardboard Cafe” in Mumbai is the best example of how you can develop your business by using 100% bio-degradable material. As the name suggests, everything in this cafe from the table to the chair is made up of cardboard, except for food and kitchen. The designer behind this groundbreaking concept is Nuru Karim.

This concept is revolutionary as not only the ambience of the cafe but also the service is cardboard-based, The food and beverages are served in utensils made up of cardboard. The brownish shade of the corrugated sheets of cardboard can be seen in everything including lamps, chairs, tables, utensils, counters, in fact, coasters are also made using the same material. 

This is odd for many of us because we have been used to live in houses made of concrete, using utensils made up of metals and using a whole lot of other stuff which is either packed or is made up of plastic.

This may also raise several questions in the minds of readers that how can this be possible. How can everything be designed using cardboard? But your every single doubt about the whereabouts of the cafe will disappear once you visit the cafe. The Cardboard Cafe is situated in Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. The cafe and it’s every single item has been designed with utmost precision, making it as good as any other cafe, still keeping the touch of that brown cocoon of cardboard within.

You might be thinking about how the cafe owners and managers would be keeping the cafe clean and dry when everything’s made up of cardboard. However, the designer’s mind would have already come across that question as the there is a coating/layering of wax on the surface of almost every item which beholds the cafe’s interior from getting ruined.

Another question which may come across someone’s mind is that a cafe made from cardboard has easy chances of getting burned down on being exposed to fire. However, it is startling to know that the chances of the cafe burning down are as good as any other cafe which is made up of concrete, metals and wood.

The unique design of the cafe makes it seem that converting this cafe from a paper-based plan into a reality would have taken too long. However. It is amazing to know that it took designers only 3.5 months to create the cafe from zero to everything. The innovative construction and unique design do not stop the cafe’s interior from astonishing visitors. It looks amazing, sleek and futuristic.

Most importantly, the packaging used at the cafe is also made up of paper and other biodegradable stuff. This fulfils the main agenda of the cafe of going green. Also, the cafe’s construction material, i.e. cardboard is a bad conductor of soundwaves. It absorbs sound waves to a greater extent. This makes the cafe sound safe. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with your friends in peace.

Here is a video which tells us more about the cafe:

If you are also excited just like me, then you should visit the cafe asap. This kind of entrepreneurial ideas is what we need right now to fight pollution and climate change.