In an incident one may not even wish upon their enemy, a 14-feet-cobra stood up to a man trying to rescue it. The viral video generated some fascinating reactions on Twitter. IFS officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to share the spine chilling video. Kaswan has in the past too shared videos of fascinating animal face-offs that went viral.


Due to the consistent human intervention in animal eco-system, sightings of dangerous animals are getting more common by the day. From a group of monkeys getting in a brawl, to an elephant running over a man due to ruckus, incidents such as these are less rare than one would imagine. Recently, a new video caught the fancy of netizens, in which a King Cobra displays why it’s the most feared of reptiles.

The King Cobra is one of the most unique members of the snake family. Known for its majestic hood, the King Cobra is one of the most venomous snakes on Earth. They are also unique for one special reason – for “standing up” to its attacker.

Yes, you heard it right. The King Cobra, can stand up and if long enough, can look a person right in their eye. The venomous species of snake can do this by being able to lift over a third of its body off the ground and still being able to march forward in attack.

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The Facts of the Matter

Recently, a person was made acquainted to this fact, in the worst ways imaginable. The man literally came close to looking at his death as the snake stood up to avoid the threat. What’s more, is that the whole ordeal was video recorded.

“How Not to Rescue Snake” IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan Shares Video

Parveen Kaswan, Indian Forest Officer shared the video on his Twitter feed and gave an appropriate caption to his tweet. “How not to rescue a snake. Especially if it’s a king cobra,” Mr. Kaswan wrote.

Since then, the video has gone viral and has been watched over 267.8k times on the popular microblogging platform. The video also generated a slew of reactions on Twitter. The reactions ranged from netizens being fascinated to horrified. Some netizens also expressed concerns regarding the ‘snake expert’ shown in the video.

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Check out Netizen’s Reactions to King Cobra Rescue

Complete Footage Released, More Details Emerge

Soon, more details emerged when popular news platform ETV Bharat covered the news story. According to ETV Bharat, the person in question was Ashok, a ‘snake expert. As per the report, the King Cobra was trapped inside a bathroom and was thus rescued by Mr. Ashok.

The lethal albeit fabulous creature was stuck inside the bathroom of Mr. Gopalkrishna Bhat.

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What Did the Rescue Video Show

In the about 2-minute video released by ETV Bharat, Mr. Ashok can be first seen facing the retaliation from the snake. The snake unleashed its last resort of ‘standing up’, and could be seen almost covering half of the snake expert’s body.

The video then cuts to the premises of the home of Mr. Gopalkrishna. Ashok, the snake expert, can be seen trying to put the snake in the confines of a white bag.

The snake continues to be vehement, and gives Ashok a tough fight.

However, in the end, Ashok succeeded in his attempt, and it was reported that the snake was rescued. It was later released into forest.

Watch the complete rescue video here