In a mishap of epic proportions, a 14-year-old UP boy shot himself in the head accidentally while trying to take selfie. The boy was identified as Uvaish Ahmed and was later declared dead due to the injury. The incident was reported from Meerut. According to the police the firearm in all likelihood belonged to Uvaish’s elder brother Suhail. 19-year-old Suhail already has criminal antecedents against him and was earlier lodged in the jail for theft.

It should be noted that this is not the first time an attempt of taking selfie has gone tragically wrong. Earlier this year, a woman from Uttar Pradesh died of gunshot wound. The 26-year-old woman was trying to take a selfie with a gun of her father-in-law. The deceased was identified as Radhika Gupta. Gupta was rushed to the hospital with the bullet and was soon pronounced dead.


Along with social media, selfie too has grown to be an issue that’s much more important when analysed properly. As people’s needs for taking their own picture in fascinating environment evolves, the camera technology also evolves, and the vicious cycle continues.

According to a report, as many as 259 people died between 2011-2017 in selfie-related incidents. To put this into perspective, only 50 persons were killed by the sharks during that period. What’s even more alarming is that India has reported maximum number of selfie related deaths among other countries. From 2011-2017, as many as 159 people died while trying to take the best selfies in India.

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The Facts of the Matter

It was a normal day for 14-year-old Uvaish who was playing with his 19-year-old brother Suhail in Meerut’s Lisari Gate. While playing, Suhail decided to get some peanuts for his younger brother and left him on his own. Uvaish, who was carrying a loaded gun with him, started tinkering with the gun.

Uvaish Points Gun on Temple, Dies on the Spot

Like any young boy his age, Uvaish wanted to take a few selfies with the dangerous weapon. In an attempt at doing so, he positioned the gun on his head and took a few selfies. Meanwhile, escalated quickly when the loaded gun went off. Uvaish, who had positioned the gun on his temple, died on the spot before his brother could return.

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Rumours of Third Person Killing 14-yo Boy Spread

Before the investigation started, rumours among people were that Uvaish was assassinated by a third person altogether who later fled. The father of the deceased boy was quoted in reports saying, “My son did not have any enmity and I’m in a state of complete shock after this tragic incident.”

Later, later the police revealed that the preliminary investigation suggested that the triggered was pulled accidentally by Uvaish.

A Times of India report quoted the Circle Officer Arvind Chaurasia saying, “Suhail was recently lodged in jail in a theft case and had criminal antecedents. The firearm perhaps belonged to him. Investigations are on to ascertain as to how Uvaish got access to the weapon.”

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Other Selfie Related Death

Earlier in July, a woman from Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh died due to a gunshot wound after her selfie taking attempt went horribly wrong. Reportedly, the woman was not aware that the gun was loaded and she was trying to give a pose while clicking selfie when the finger touched the trigger.

The deceased woman was identified as Radhika Gupta. Radhika was soon rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound in her neck. However, she was declared dead on the arrival. Reportedly, the gun was of the woman’s father in law.

During the investigation Radhika’s husband Akash said that she got excited on having a gun. “She had already taken photos with the gun, but she wanted more. Hence, during another selfie attempt the trigger got pressed,” Akash was quoted in a Times of India report saying.