In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old Sri Lankan boy was arrested after he stole a bus to meet his girlfriend during the Asia Cup 2022 final, which was played earlier on Sunday last week. The incident was reported from Piliyandala, a suburb in Sri Lanka’s largest city, Colombo. The accused is a 15-year-old resident from Mattegoda’s Siddamulla area.

According to reports, earlier on Sunday, a bunch of bus drivers who operate from the Piliyandala bus stand had gathered to watch the Asia Cup 2022 final where Sri Lanka played Pakistan. All the bus drivers had reportedly parked their buses at the depot and had left to get some food and watch match at a different location.

After the match was done, the drivers returned to the depot. At the depot, one of the drivers found out that a bus had gone missing. After looking for bus on his own, the driver alerted the Piliyandala and a complaint was filed.

During the investigation, the police found the bus near a checkpoint and ordered the driver, a teen, to step out. The teen was interrogated and soon he was apprehended for stealing the bus to see his girlfriend.

Earlier in July, a youth in Pune was arrested for stealing 13 vehicles & 2 cars to take his girlfriend for joyrides.

The Facts of the Matter

Cupid-struck couples across the world have often committed some strange and shocking crimes to be with each other. In one such incident, a Sri Lankan teenager was recently arrested for stealing a bus to meet his girlfriend during the Asia Cup final. The incident was reported from Colombo’s Piliyandala suburb.

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Bus Drivers Decide to Watch Match Together

Earlier on Sunday, a group of bus drivers, who operate from the Piliyandala bus stand, had decided to watch the Asia Cup final where Sri Lanka was scheduled to play with Pakistan. The drivers parked their buses at the bus depot, and went away to get some food and watch the match at a different location.

After having a great time watching their team defeat Pakistan and win the Asia Cup, the ecstatic drivers came back to the bus depot. This was when one of the drivers realized that the bus he had parked had gone missing. The bus driver searched for the bus on his own, but his efforts were in vain.

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Investigation Launched on Stolen Bus

Soon, the bus driver alerted the Piliyandala Police regarding the robbery. An investigation was soon initiated in the matter. The police had sent an alert to different checkpoints to stop any suspicious bus. This was when some officers at a checkpoint near the Kesbewa – Piliyandala noticed a bus being driven by a teen and ordered it to stop.

The suspect was asked to step out of the vehicle and he soon tried to abandon the bus and flee. He was caught and taken into interrogation. During the interrogation, the suspect teenager revealed that he was returning after seeing his girlfriend.

Suspect Tells Police How He Stole Bus

The suspect told the police that he and his girlfriend were supposed to meet after 8 pm and when he arrived at the bus depot, he found out that none of the buses were operating. Anxious to meet his girlfriend, he started inspecting all the parked buses and found one that had a key in its ignition.

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Had Stolen Another Bus to Meet GF Before

The suspect took off to Moragahahena, met his girlfriend, and was on his way to Piliyandala when he was caught. Further interrogation also revealed that he had stolen a bus earlier as well to see his girlfriend, and was arrested before in Homagama, a town 24 km from Colombo.


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