A 16-year-old girl from Jhansi becomes the first young student to build an Air-Conditioner which is affordable and useful for poor people.

Indians are born with creativity and genius mindset and the biggest example of this is that even the foreign multinationals are hiring individuals from Indian soil. There are even young kids, who never fail to impress us with their innovation skills.

It is indeed impressive to see young aspirants coming up with brilliant ideas to create or invent something for a greater good. While we all, as a child, dreamt of building, inventing or discovering something marvellous, there are only a few, who get to live this dream.

In a similar event, a 16-year-old Kalyani Shrivastava from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh has built a Desi AC for the poverty-stricken population.

Nowadays, children of 16-year of age are either busy creating a cool Instagram or tik-to profile or are breaking scoreboards infamous online games. However, Kalyani had some different plans. The young girl managed her studies alongside while building a device which would be useful for mankind. Currently, she is a student of 12th standard at Lokamanya Tilak Inter College in Jhansi.

As per the recent reports, the AC built by Kalyani is being priced at a minimal amount of Rs. 1800/-. The cheap price of the AC is one of the main reasons, Why the Desi AC product is now one of the most-talked subjects across the nation.

Her father, Dinesh Shrivastava is a teacher in the Department of Basic Education and her mother identified as Divya Shrivastava also works as a teacher.

But How Did such a Young Girl managed to build something so innovate on her own? 

The device has been built using an ice-box which is made of ‘Thermocol’. The air released by from a 12 volt DC fan, which throws the air into the icebox. The air is then cooled down and released from the elbow. This device, if run for an hour, can result in a temperature drop of 4 to 5-degree Celcius. Apart from this, the AC works on the principle of solar energy thus, making it a there is no electricity consumption.

The best part about this device is that it is eco-friendly and is designed and built in such a way that it causes zero pollution.

Awards and Recognition

Her work has caught many eyes from across the nation; Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT-D) has selected her for the national level Model Competition. Apart from this, she has been honoured under an initiative ‘Naari Samman’. It is a programme launched by the UP government in liaison with Hindi newspaper, Amar Ujala to promote and the work done by women across the state. At the event, she was felicitated along with other women who out-performed in different fields like sports, education, art, and social work.

Kalyani is a great singer as well and pursues singing as her hobby. She also participated infamous in the TV reality show Indian Idol, and reached until the third round. Kalyani was not just a participant as she won more than 50 prizes in competitions held in Lucknow, Agra, and Kanpur.

Kalyani’s low-cost and effective AC will serve as a huge relief for the people coming from economically weaker sections of society.