In a recent event, a 16-year-old teenage girl was kidnapped and allegedly raped by 3 men in Uttar Pradesh. The girl was picking fodder from the fields while the accused came from behind, grabbed her and dragged her to a secluded place where they took turns to rape her. One video has surfaced which shows one of the three men caught by the local villagers and beaten brutally.

Here is the News Coverage of the beating by NDTV India.

The number of rapes cases in India have only been rising and there seems no break on the same. Justice system & Police administration has put a shame on society’s face in terms of Justice & Security of people. A 16-year-old from Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh, (190 km away from State Capital, Lucknow) was picking fodder from the fields while she was abducted by 3 men from behind.

Mohammed Nazim along with two brothers, Mohammed Chotka and Badka kidnapped the girl and dragged her to a secluded place. There the boys took turns on the innocent to rape her. Not only did the three boys raped her but also recorded a video of the whole incident on their mobile phones.

“I had gone to an orchard (Fruit Farms) to pick fodder for my cattle. Suddenly, the men attacked me from behind and gagged me. They did horrible things to me. Somehow, I managed to escape but I fell in the fields while running,” the girl said while explaining the incident.

However, one of the three accused, Mohammed Nazim, a 20-year-old was been allegedly caught by the villagers. After investigating & searching, they managed to corner him in a paddy field where the boy was then beaten brutally with punches and bamboo sticks by the villagers. A video has been surfaced where Nazim could be seen. 

As being reported, when the girl and her parents reached police station on Sunday to file a complaint, the two on-duty officers misbehaved with the family and accused them of filing a false complaint. Not only the police officers refused to lodge a complaint about the incident in the first place but also asked the girl about the authenticity of her statement, allegations and evidence of the incident.

The 2 policemen have now been taken off duty over the allegations of misbehaving with the girl and her family. Further, as Prayagraj zone senior police officer Sujeet Pandey said that the Police department has curated 5 teams who are searching 5 different areas for the accused. Also Mohommad Nazim, the guy caught by the villagers has been arrested.

Here is aa video by Jan Jagaran about the incident and interview with the family of the victim.

“One of the accused has been arrested. We have formed five teams. We will move fast and do whatever is required,” Mr Pandey said, adding a medical test on the girl has been done.

It is not the first incident of mob-lynching but probably the first one where the person being beaten is not the victim but the culprit. There is no excuse of rape and there should always be the most strict actions against the accused of rapists. 

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