Yet another heartbreaking incident, this time from the National Capital.
An 18-year-old second-year journalism student, Rahul Rajput, was beaten to death by a group of five men in Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar.
As per the reports, the 18YO was involved in a romantic affair with a 16YO Muslim girl and the girl’s family, particularly his brother was against their inter-faith relationship.
His brother did not like them, meeting or talking to each other. He had earlier been in a physical discussion over this with Rahul but the duo never listened to them.
This provoked, Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj, brothers of the girl to take a harsh step.

The second-year journalism student Rahul used to give private tuitions to the lower grade students. Rahul’s cousin Golu got a call from an unknown number asking to send Rahul to their home for private tuition. As Rahul got out of his house, a group of 5 men accosted him and started raining punches and kicks on him which left Rahul barely alive. He barely managed to crawl back to his home from where he rushed to the nearby hospital, but, couldn’t be saved.

A Young aspiring journalism beaten to death, and why, because he was romantically involved with a girl which was of a different religion.
This is, actually not new in our country. We have come across a same case in 2018 where Ankit Saxena was murdered by a Muslim girl’s family in an identical scenario.

Such caste-based murders are very common in our country. But why the hell, the people here are so narrow-minded. What is the problem in involving with a person belonging to a different religion?
I know this might suddenly inflame anger in some individuals but what’s the problem?
Why can’t Indians be a bit practical? We have lost a young man who could grow up to do wonders in life. We lost him to such a lame reason. They could have dealt with the situation more reasonably. Murdering someone for no reason is not cool.

And again, this small thinking, this has actually killed the victim and we are really very heartbroken about this.

What do you think about this?
Do you think that this Hindu-Muslim thing can lead our country to a better future or we must change the way we think?

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(Photo Credits: Ram Kinkar Singh/India Today)