Major tech companies are making and developing a great chunk of websites, web & mobile applications etc. However, even after so many advancements, the developers have not yet perfected the art of coding and IT development. There always exists some glitches, bugs in the programs. It is rightly said, “To Err is Human”. 

And yes, we all have learned from our mistakes and have improvised. The technology that we use today is the result of efforts focused on removing such bugs. Earlier, the freelance bug hunters would test the programs developed by big IT companies when they would come to market and then they would either share it on a social media platform or write an email to the company. 

However, now the trend has changed. The companies themselves hire the Bug Bounty Hunters to detect them glitches and bugs hidden deep in the script code.

What is a Bug Bounty Hunter?
A bug bounty hunter is a person appointed for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities. Bug Bounty Programs are being offered by many website, organisations & software developers. This helps many talented & skilled people to get recognition & compensation. These Bug Bounty Hunter help developers to discover bugs hidden in the software or application before the general public is aware of them. This way they can be resolved in house only, preventing cases of widespread market abuse. These programs are being implemented by a large number of IT organizations including Mozilla, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Reddit, Square, and Microsoft

In a similar program, recently organised by Facebook, many bug hunters participated. Out of which, a local bug bounty hunter from Kerela, India was able to spot a major flaw in WhatsApp Messenger App. The bug was such that it could allow a hacker to extract files from the messaging app, completely without the user’s knowledge.

Ananthakrishna from Kerela is a 19-year-old B-tech student who is fond of bug hunting. He was not only able to detect the bug, but also came up with a suggestion for the company to fix it. This was also taken into consideration by the Social Media Giant.

It took 2 months to facebook to study and fix the bug. Thus, Facebook has now decided to award their young hunter with $500for his work. Not only this, he has been awarded a spot in Facebook’s “Bug Bounty Hall of Fame”. As per the reports, Ananthakrishna is a talented guy, especially when in coding. He is currently working with the Kerala Police Cyberdome. It is a research and development centre for the local police.

According to reports, Ananthakrishna is quite talented when it comes to coding and is also reportedly working with the Kerala Police Cyberdome, a research and development centre for the local police.

What a brilliant Indian Guy. It seems Indians literally do great when it comes to IT.