2 people were reported dead in two separate paragliding accidents in the span of 24 hours. A South Korean man died in Gujarat’s Mehsana, while a Satara-based man was reported to have died in Kullu. Both the Mehsana accident and the Kullu paragliding accident occurred the same day. The two accidents in merely 24 hours have shed light on the state of safety when it comes to adventure sports in the nation.

Earlier on Saturday, a 50-year-old South Korean national died in the hair-raising paragliding accident in Mehsana district’s Kadi on Saturday. The deceased, Shin Bye one Moon, fell to his death, after the canopy didn’t open during the paragliding. The deceased fell almost 50 feet to his death, with the last moments of the accident, caught on video.

Following the accident, a case of accidental death was registered and the deceased’s relatives and friends were informed. The South Korean embassy was also informed about the tragic accident.

Meanwhile, on the same day, a Maharashtra tourist also died in Kullu. The deceased, 30-year-old Suraj Sanjay Shah, was in Manali with his friends and did a tandem paragliding flight, which tragically ended in his death.

The pilot in the tandem flight was safe, however, the deceased received fatal injuries. A case of negligence was registered under Section 336 of the IPC.

The Facts of the Matter

Statistically, the probability of a death due to paragliding is 1 death in 1,000 such cases. However, on Saturday, two separate cases of death in paragliding incident were reported in two separate incidents in India. A South Korean man, and a Maharashtra-based tourist, died in the aftermath of paragliding gone wrong. The two accidents in one day have shed light on the state of safety when it comes to adventure sport in India.

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South Korean National Dies in Paragliding Accident

A 50-year-old man from South Korea, who had come to Mehsana, Gujarat, died in a paragliding incident on Saturday. The 50-year-old deceased was identified as Shin Byeone Moon. Shin took up paragliding near Kadi, Mehsana, when the canopy of his glider didn’t open properly and he fell to his death from a height of 50 feet.

An India Today report quoted Nikunj Patel, “Shin was on a trip to Vadodara. He and his Korean friend were visiting their acquaintances, who are into paragliding at Visatpura village near Kadi town on Saturday evening. Shine and his friend went paragliding.”

Watch Video (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

While the deceased was rushed to a private hospital, he died after battling through semi-conscious state.

Following the incident, a case of accidental death was registered at the local police station. Meanwhile, the victim’s family and friends in Gujarat, and the Korean Embassy were alerted about the accident.

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Satara Man Dies After Harness Malfunctions

In a separate incident on the same day, a 30-year-old Satara-based tourist fell to his death in Kullu in a paragliding accident. The deceased reportedly fell several hundred feet down to his death as the harness malfunctioned during his tandem flight. It should be noted that the paragliding pilot in the tandem flight was safe and rescued.

The deceased was identified as Suraj Sanjay Shah of Shirval village, who had been in Manali with his friends for a holiday.

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Case Registered

Following the accident, a case of death due to negligence has been registered under multiple sections of the IPC, including Section 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others), and Section 304 A (causing death by negligence).


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