“2 saal tak kaam nahi thaa (had no job for 2 years)”, said Fukrey’s Lali aka Manjot Singh while recalling his struggle of making his place in the film industry. Recently, a lot of actors are finally sharing their personal, financial and professional woes and noramalizing the act of struggling. Them opening up their closet gives their fans an insight into their lives and also breaks the stereotype of celebrities not having challenges in their lives.


The world was at the feet of the now 29-year-old actor Manjot Singh when Dibakar Banerjee’s Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! plummeted him to the heights of fame. For his first film, Singh, who was just 16-years-old, received rave reviews by the critics and was loved by viewers for his part-innocent-part-rebellious presence.

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Being Shot to Heights of Fame at 16

The film went on to become the National Film Award recipient and Singh got the opportunity to act with an ensemble cast of Abhay Deol, Richa Chadda, Paresh Rawal and Archana Puran Singh. However, Singh’s claim-to-fame came in 2013 when he acted in Fukrey. The film became a cult classic among teenagers and youth and boasted the ensemble cast of Ali Faizal, Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat and Richa Chadha.

Fate Suddenly Changes for Manjot Singh

However, the sands of time spares none and fate is a harsh mistress. Manjot Singh too was given the reality check by life after receiving accolades and fame. So much so that for the next two years after working in Fukrey, the actor sat at home, unemployed, and wondering whether his acting career would pick up once again.

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“Mere paas do saal tak kaam nahi tha”

In an exclusive interview with a news platform, Singh spilled the beans of the days of his struggle and what he felt during those days. Talking about the time he started his career at a young age of 16, Singh claimed how he got a lot of films and yet he was not satisfied with the offers he was getting.

“When I started (my career), I was 16, that time I got a lot of films. After Fukrey, I think ek time aaya tha ke mere paas do saal tak kaam nahi tha (I think there was a time where I had no work for a period of two whole years).”

“Not easy, sitting at home, reality check hits you”

He further said how he got certain offers but he was not inclined towards accepting them as he didn’t want to do things the offers would have made him do.

“So, the offers that were coming I didn’t wish to do and I things I wanted to do, weren’t coming my way.  I was not satisfied with the offers I was getting,”

-Singh said.

“So that was a phase where I felt easy nahi hai (it’s not easy). Sitting at home, I  was studying and at the same time I was getting films. I was earning good money too, (I thought) life is amazing. But reality check tab pata chalta when you have to wait for the right thing (you get the reality check as you wait for the right thing to come).”

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Fukrey’s Laali on Not Getting Roles Because of Being Sardar

It should be noted that back in 2019, Singh shared how he was rejected because of religious background.

“After Fukrey, despite it being a hit, I realised that it’s not that easy to bag a film as I wasn’t offered much. Whenever I met casting directors, they came back to me with a comedy role. Initially, I was fine with it, and used to tell them to let me know if something else comes up. But it became a pattern. Just because I am a sardar doesn’t mean I am funny all the time,”

-he was quoted saying.