Premkumar a 21-year-old college boy got killed by two class 10 girls from Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu. The girls alleged Premkumar for blackmailing them with their private photographs and extorting money from them. The girls took the help of an ‘Instagram friend’ named Ashok for getting rid of Premkumar. Tamil Nadu police detained both the girls and are looking for Ashok.


The case started when the local people of Tiruvallur district found bloodied teeth and man’s hair at the Eachangadu village. They informed the local police who found the buried body of Premkumar. On investigation, the police found the deceased’s phone which led them to both the accused school girls.

Premkumar who was the son of a daily wage laborer Ravichandran was attacked near the Red Hills and was kidnapped by Ashok and his friends at the request of both school girls. Premkumar’s friend who was the witness of the incident, rushed back to Premkumar’s family to report the incident. Premkumar’s parents complained to the Otteri police in Vandalur.

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Interrogation of the Girls

On interrogating the girls, police found that for one year they were being blackmailed by Premkumar for money. The girls informed the police that Premkumar took their intimate photos by entering into a relationship with them and started blackmailing them.

They also told that Premkumar extorted approximately 1.5 lakh rupees from them in the threat to upload their photos on social media. In their justification, the girls said that they just asked Ashok to seize Premkumar’s phone to delete their photos. But Ashok and his colleagues kidnapped and murdered him.

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How was the Murder Planned

When the girls could not take it any longer, they enlisted the help of their friend Ashok and informed him about their sufferings. The three of them planned to get rid of Premkumar by deleting the photos from his phone.

On Ashok’s advice both the girls called Premkumar at a secluded place near Red Hills on Friday for handing over money to him. But instead of seizing Premkumar’s phone, Ashok and his friends kidnapped him. Premkumar’s friend, who was with him on a two-wheeler, rushed back to Premkumar’s home and informed his parents about the matter. Ashok and his associates took him to Gummidipoondi, where they tortured him and finally killed and buried him at Echankatumedu village.

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Premkumar’s Body Handed Over to Parents

On Sunday, Tamil Nadu police recovered Premkumar’s body when they took the three accused people to the spot. The body was immediately sent for postmortem. Both the girls have been detained by the Tamil Nadu police on Monday and they are looking for Ashok and his associates. As per the latest reports the body has been handed over to Premkumar’s family after the autopsy. The police are conducting further investigation.