On Saturday, the Tamil Nadu forest department recorded a case of 3 elephants, including a pregnant female being killed by getting hit by a train. Two loco pilots were also booked under section 9 of the Wildfire Protection Act.

The incident took place at 9:00 PM Friday. The officers reached the crime spot to investigate the speed of the train. The train was traveling to Mangalore from Chennai when the train drivers knocked down three elephants while crossing the railway track because of the driver’s irresponsibility at Palakkad Railway division.

About the Incident

A horrific hit of a train killed all three elephants on the spot. One of the three elephants was a female which was discovered as pregnant in autopsy. The other two elephants were tuskless males.

The animals were aged 12, 18, and 25. Two elephants were knocked and thrown off the railway track and were found on the ground. while the third elephant was located on the track in front of the train.

The train was slowed down along with passengers at the accident spot. After getting permission from the forest department, the train was driven back to Walayar through the B line.


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Accident Could’ve Been Avoided: Forest Officers

According to the opinion of the senior officers of the forest, the two drivers were being irresponsible while handling the train as the track where the incident happened was straight and the big animals like elephants walking on the tracks could be easily visible by the loco pilots.

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Action taken Against Accused

The Tamil Nadu Forest Department officers had arrested two drivers of the train. The main loco pilot named M.T. Subair, of Kozhikode, and assistant pilot M.C. Akhil, of Thrissur, were accused of under Section 9 of the Wildlife Protection Act. According to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden Shekhar Kumar Niraj, the two drivers of the train were freed after the recording of their statements. The two loco pilots gave their vow to actively cooperate in the investigation.

Mr. Niraj also mentioned that a Forest Department squad of five was sent to Palakkad to investigate the speed of the train with the help of the speed recorder. He stated that he has been in continuous touch with the senior officers of the Indian Railways all around, and working on preventing such kinds of accidents in the future.