In a blood-curdling incident reported from Delhi’s Fatehpur Beri area, a 3-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped. Following the incident, the police arrested 2 accused men in the incident for their involvement in the gang-rape of the girl child. According to reports, the incident took place earlier on Friday and came to fore when the girl’s mother found her crying with her private parts bleeding.

Reportedly, the girl’s mother took to the police station with her daughter, alleging that her 3-year-young child had gone missing since the morning. Meanwhile, another local woman who resided in the area told the mother that she had seen the girl walking towards the jungle area and was being followed by two other men going in the same direction.

The girl child was rescued when her mother saw her crying in the jungle near the area. The child was found bleeding from her private area, subsequently she was rushed for treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) where her condition is reported to be stable.

According to cops, the accused, identified as Ramniwas Panika, and Shaktiman Singh, spotted the girl when she was playing outside her home. The accused were consuming alcohol and picked the girl up, took her to jungle and gang-raped her.

The accused hail from Madhya Pradesh and are married.

Dehl’s Concerning Spate of Crimes Against Children

Crimes against children across the nation surged by a shocking 16.2% between 2020 and 2021, as per NCRB data. In 2021, India reported 1,49,404 crimes against children across states and U/Ts compared to 1,28,531 such cases in 2020. The crime rate per one lakh children also saw a surge, with 33.6 in 2021 and 28.9 in 2020.

Meanwhile, among the Union Territories, the national capital Delhi topped the list, with as many as 7,118 crimes against children, averaging at over 593 such crimes every month.

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3-Yr-Old Delhi Girl Gang Raped

Earlier on Friday, Delhi witnessed another horrific crime against a 3-year-old girl, who was gang-raped by 2 men. The incident took place in Delhi’s Fatehpur Beri on Friday and came to the fore after the mother of the child found her crying in a jungle with her private parts.

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How the Matter Came to Fore

The matter came to the fore when the survivor’s mother took to the local police station to report the incident. The mother said that her daughter had gone missing in the morning and had started looking for the 3-year-old, who was nowhere to be found. Later, a neighbour of the mother told her that she saw him walking towards the jungle with two men following her.

Girl was Abducted by Drunk Men

Reportedly, the 3-year-old was abducted by the two men when she was playing outside her home. The accused, who were drunk after consuming alcohol, took the girl to the local forest area, where they gang-raped her, and left her bleeding from the private part.

The girl was rescued by her mother who found her crying in the jungle. The child was subsequently rushed to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) where her condition is reported to be stable.

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Accused Married, Hail from MP

Later, the police initiated an investigation in the matter, and found two accused responsible for the matter. The accused were identified as Ramniwas Panika (27) and Shaktiman Singh (22). Both Ramniwas and Shaktiman hail from Madhya Pradesh, are married, and were working as helpers for the Bhumi Green Company.


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