The world of technology is evergrowing. With the ideas and innovations budding everywhere around, there is a lot of potential opportunities for the students to make a great career in the field of technology. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and many such technological advancements are the latest fields of developments in the technological world.

The technological advancement began long back in the past century to never stop. From making phone calls using a fixed device to making video conferences, shopping online and everything else on the move. These rising developments have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for the technology aspirants. 

Hence we have listed down 4 of the best career opportunities for those techno-freaks:

1. Data Scientists

Data Scientist has been listed as the “Most in-demand roles” in America for 4 consecutive years by Forbes. A data scientist is someone who analyses data points in multiple dimensions. They are data analytical experts who are equipped with the necessary technical skills to solve complex problems.

Generally, a Data Scientist is pursued as someone who works with mathematical and statistical data. But the growing technology demands a professional with computing and programming skills.

To become a Data Scientist, one needs to possess immense curiosity for solving complex problems and along with strong mathematical and statistical skills. Besides, you need to be well versed with the computing languages such as R, Python, SQL and Hadoop. Further, if you have abilities to work with machine learning tools and algorithms, you will definitely get an edge in the field.

2. Product Manager

A product manager is a person who is solely made responsible for the work of managing the whereabouts of a Product. This would otherwise have been performed by various teams in a distributed manner, such as marketing, customer management, and operations.

A Product Manager needs to consider the Product as his own and manage the same on the company’s behalf. To successfully manage a product, one must be acquainted with technological as well as managerial skills. A major degree in one or both of the fields is going to give you an edge. Besides a Product Manager shall have an understanding of technical & managerial tools, processes, project management skills & methodologies.

3. Cloud Architect

Like a building is designed by an architect. Similarly, a cloud architect is the person who is responsible for designing a cloud. A cloud is a medium that connects the server to the user or client. Generally, the data we access online including movies, images, songs and videos are stored on a server located in a remote place on earth. The medium that allows the data to be carried in between the server and your computer or smartphone device is a cloud. The cloud architects design the cloud to make cost and time effective transfer of data online.

To become a Cloud Architect, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. Apart from this, one can also join learning courses about the cloud computing environment. These type of classes are available online as well. A good cloud architect must have a good understanding of the enterprise’s technology. This includes understanding networking systems, databases and other aspects of the enterprise.

4. DevOps Engineer:

This career option may sound totally new to you. This career is at an establishing stage. DevOps is a field where Development (Dev) & IT Operations (Ops) take place simultaneously. The work of developing, testing, deploying and updating the application programme or software takes place altogether. It is a continuous process. This technique of developing software and programmes is faster and more reliable. 

A DevOps Engineer needs to learn how to work simultaneously with the development, implementation and improvisation team, all together. One must have experience in the Software Development Life Cycle, with an understanding of coding, testing, version control and security aspects of Software development. Apart from this, one must be well acquainted with DevOps tools such as Git/Github, Puppet, Ansible and Chef to get an edge in the field.