Water is one of the most important resources for humans. May it is your morning brush or tonight’s dinner preparation, water is used everywhere from your bathroom to your kitchen. However, we end up wasting a lot of water every day by standing under the showers, or by leaving the tap open while shaving or brushing, or else by washing our dishes or cars.

A normal tap runs about 10 litres of water when left open for 1 minute. Now you can calculate easily, how much water you waste daily.

Well Yeah! These are the cliched arguments and you are well aware of this. But this article’s purpose is not to remind you this but to furnish you with some tips and tools which will help you become a water saviour. 

Listed below are 5 pairs of tricks and tools that can help you save water to a great extent in your different daily life activities. If you want you can either adapt the challenge or you can use the tool to save water. The best thing would be that you can adapt both and become a water-saving legend.

1. One Bucket Challenge

It is being taught and told to us since childhood that using a bucket for taking a bath is a better option than using a shower as it helps in saving a lot of water. Well, it’s time we start taking this seriously and turn off that run shower and tap. Take the One Bucket Challenge. While bathing, fill a single bucket only and clean yourself with that much amount of water only.


Alternative: Water Saving Shower Head

These showerheads are designed in a manner that they save up to 60% of water by throwing a water spray. A normal 10-minute shower which consumes up to 100 litres of water would consume only 40 litres or even lesser after installing these shower adapters. The adapters come in many designs and are available online. They are very easy to install as well.

2. One mug Challenge

You end up wasting a lot of water while you leave the tap running while brushing and shaving. So take this one mug challenge. Use only 1 mug of water while Shaving and 1 mug while brushing instead of leaving that tap running for 5 minutes. The results will shock you.


Alternative: Water Saving Tap Heads:

Just like these showerheads, the tape heads can also save 40 to 60% of your daily water consumption. These faucets are also based on the similar technology of using thin porous nozzles to convert a water stream into a spray. This way the water gets spread easily and are very handy while washing dishes and utensils in basin and wash areas. This will also help you in saving water while brushing and shaving. They are available online easily. 

3. One Litre Bottle Challenge

A normal flush tank has a capacity of around 5 litres of water while generally, less than 4 litres of water is sufficient to flush your business. Some large water tanks have a capacity of up to 10 litres of water. So, if you have a flush tank which can be opened, then out a 1-litre bottle filled with water in it. This bottle will occupy space and will leave only 4 litres of space in the tank to be filled with water. This way you can save 1-litre water with every flush.


Alternative: Water Saving Toilet Tanks

These water-saving tanks or water bags fit easily into your toilet without disturbing the regular flush mechanism. This can help you save up to 2 litres of water on every flush. It will save 80% of your water that would otherwise have been washed in the toilet. These are not only suitable for houses but also for offices and commercial buildings. 

4. One Week Washing Machine Challenge

Instead of washing your clothes daily, do your laundry once a week. When you do run a washing machine with less number of clothes a lot of water gets wasted. Thus, wash your clothes only once or twice a week so that you have enough clothes to let the machine effectively consume the water. Not only this, but it will also help you save your time, effort and electricity as well.


Alternative: Zero Waste Powder

The detergents that we use in washing our clothes are chemical and make your clothes hard. This way the clothes consume a lot of water and lose their quality. Instead adopt organic detergents or Zero-Waste Powders which reduces the micro-plastic output and keeps your clothes soft, clean and fragrant. 

These tricks and tools will help you a lot in saving water to a great extent. Imagine saving 40 litres of water every day while showering, 5 litres of water while brushing and shaving, 10 litres of water daily while flushing and 30 to 50 litres of water every week while washing clothes.

If you take these steps seriously you can save up to 200 to 500 litre of water every month. An average family will be able to save up to 20,000 to 30,000 litres of water every year. This much amount of water is sufficient to fulfil the annual water needs of 10 families living in drought-affected areas. Your small efforts daily can save the lives of many families. Adopt these steps today and become a water warrior today.