The courts of our nation standstill while the rapist rests at their home in peace. A country where every child is taught ”Yatra Narayastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devataha”. A Sanskrit proverb which literally translates to “Where a woman, a girl is worshipped, you will find god there”. In a nation full of such girls and woman, we also have people who choose to recall devil upon the ground by destroying a woman’s life.

It is not the first time you are reading about rapists and it is not the first time someone is writing about it. People have conducted rallies, protests, marches and everything across the nation while the court chooses to ignore the severity of rape cases and instead of hanging culprits till death, victims’ families are hanged in the courts’ system till they lose faith in the law. 

On 10th June, the court convicted the culprits of Kathua Rape case and sentenced 3 out of 6 rapists with life imprisonment while the other 3 enjoy mere 5-year imprisonment and a penalty of Rs. 50,000. Such cheap are the values of life of our sisters, daughters and mothers for the Indian Law. Instead of hanging the bastards till death, the court funds these criminal’s life by the taxes we paid, by keeping them in jail. 

This is not the only case in the nation. 

Nirbhaya Case, Delhi[16th December 2012] 

The Nirbhaya rape case that shook the world to its core, the living culprits Mukesh [29], Pawan Gupta [22] and Vinay Sharma [23], have not met their destiny yet. The lower court had announced the death sentence in 3 months of the incident. Afterwards, said rapists plead to the supreme court challenging the death sentence which was rejected by the supreme court. As a result, the three shall be hanged which has not been done yet. Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi Ji urged Patiyala House court as to why the culprits are enjoying free food in jail while her daughter’s soul has not yet attained salvation. 

Nithari Case, Delhi [2006] 

Monindar Pandher & his servant Surendra Koli convicted for multiple rape cases. The culprits used to kidnap victim, rape them and kill them and afterwards they would cut their body to throw away them into the piece by piece. Their plea has been rejected by the supreme court and the President of India. However, they are currently sitting in Daasana Jail awaiting their doom day.

BPO Incident, Pune [2007]

Purshottam Borate & Pradeep Kokade raped a BPO employee. Borate worked as a driver with the same BPO. The court has declared 24th June for hanging them. However, they have pleaded to make it life imprisonment.

4-month-old girl raped, Indore [19, February 2018]

A 4-MONTH-OLD girl sleeping roadside with her poor mother, kidnapped by her maternal uncle and rapped and murdered. The culprit was caught with the help of CCTV Footages. Indore court announced the death sentence in 23 days by putting it on fast-track case mode. The culprit is still in jail.

Aligarh [Recently in 2019]

A 2-YEAR-OLD girl kidnapped, raped and murdered by culprit Jaahid, who was also booked for raping his own daughter in 2014 (for which he is on bail right now) has been arrested but not yet been sentenced.

[Source: Dainik Bhaskar Indore’s 9th June 2019 Newspaper Edition]

As National Crime Record Bureao, India, out of total rape cases, only 15% of cases reach police station for filing. In 2016, approximately 1,50,000 cases were presented in the court of which 39068 were recorded in 2016. The court could conduct hearing of merely 18,552 from above. Even after the Nirbhaya case, still, at least 6 rape cases happen in Delhi on a daily basis. 

Every day the Bhartiya Naari comes across molesters. Some complaints get registered, few victims get caught, fewer reaches the court and only a handful gets the death sentence. And How many of those actually receive the death sentence. 

This is not new information to you. You have been aware of it all this time. But what have we all done about it? Nations across the world have laws for rapists that are so intense that the thought of attempting a rape would thrill the convict to his core. However, Indian Law, the so-called Andha Kanoon can somehow see guilt in eyes of rapists but can overlook the pitiable situation of rape victims, their family and the fear in every women’s eye walking on the streets.