The world skill competition which is going to be held in Russia from August 22nd to 27th. 48 young and talented Indians are about to represent India in this competition. the Indian team will be the 6th largest team in the competition.

As being reported, more than 1500 skilled competitors will arrive from around the world to compete with each other in this competition. The competition is being held in Kazan, Russia. 60 countries from around the world have arrived in Kazan to take part in what is the biggest skill competition in the world.

There are around 56 sets of skill competition, each representing different skills. The competition will span over a week where participants from around the world will exhibit their skills and compete with each other for the top medallions, awards, titles and medals.

The 48 participants, leaving for Kazan were given a huge send-off ceremony at the Delhi International Airport on 19th August 2019, Monday. WorldSkills Competition is organized by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). NSDC aims at skill development and enhancements programs. It works under the guidance of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. It is a not-for-profit public limited company incorporated on July 31, 2008, under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. 

The total of 48 members of the Indian team will be participating in 44 different skills. The competition encompasses several skills including mobile robotics, prototype modelling, hairdressing, baking, confectionary & patisserie, welding, bricklaying, car painting, floristry, etc.

The team of 48 individuals from India is accompanied by 44 experts and 14 interpreters to guide and assist the participants during the competitions respectively. In the year 2017, 28 strong candidates from India participated in World Skills and bagged winning one silver, one bronze and nine Medallions of Excellence. The 2017 WorldSkills was held in Abu Dhabi.

While sending a see-off to the candidates, Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Mahendra Nath Pandey was also present. He congratulated the participants on being one of the best-skilled people who have already excelled at the national level and will now be representing the country at such a glorious international platform.

Out of 48 participants, only 6 are girls. While addressing the female participants, he said “I am happy to learn that we have six young girls who will represent the country at Kazan. I hope you will inspire many more and we will see increased female participation in the coming years.”

He also highlighted that how Team India’s participation at World Skills will pave a path for the event to gain the same level of popularity in the country, like the Olympics and the Asian Games.

Of the total participants from India, about 75% come from tier II and tier III cities of India. Also, 25% of them belongs to rural areas. If we look closely, most team members come from a humble background. Their parents work as farmers, coolie, daily wage labourers and security guards.

From among various states and union territories from across the nation, Maharashtra stands at top of the charts. 7 out of 48 contestants participating come from the state. Standing at the second position, Karnataka has given 5 skilled individuals to the team while UP became the 3rd with four participants.

This is beautiful to see that Indian government’s Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship through its skill development programs and such competitions is thriving to uplift the underprivileged individuals and pushing them forward to represent the nation at international grounds.

Some of the participants came forward at the end of the ceremony about their experience, skills, thanking their parents and government of India to stage their skills at such a huge competition. The crowd was headed by the proud parents of the participants who came to send off their wards while the Minister congratulated them.

Being able to represent the nation at an international stage is a matter of great proud as well as a greater responsibility. More than 50,000 applications and registrations were received from youth at the IndiaSkills Competitions. It was organized at several legs in the year 2018.

These 48 individuals, however, are not just any guy from the streets but are highly skilled and highly trained individuals. They have been tested several times at competitions which are held at district, state and national level. The winners are narrowed down from all such competitions and given further appropriate training to make them competent to represent the country around the world.

The candidates are endowed with professional-level skill set. They undergo extensive training in multiple skills. Wall and Floor Tiling, Brick Laying, Cabinet Making, Car Painting, CNC Turning, Hair Dressing, Welding, Restaurant Service, Beauty Therapy, Auto-body Repair to Mobile Robotics, Mechatronics, Prototype Modeling, Visual Merchandising, and much more.

Multiple corporate entities who are market leaders have collaborated with NSDC to facilitate these programs. Further NSDC being the prime facilitator, has gained extensive support from Sector Skill Councils, Industry and Corporate.

With collaboration with around 100 companies from the industry, the participants have been given resourceful training programs.

Renowned personalities such as Vinesh Johny (Chef,Trainer), Samantha Kochhar (Renowned beauty expert, Director of Aroma Mafic and winner of Forbes “30 under 30”), JP Shroff, Chairman of Kushal Credai, Seema Jhaveri, (Director of IFD), Vaishali Shah, (Principal of LTA Beauty School) and many more such industry experts individuals have came forward to help the contestants in preparing for the mega event.

Apart from this, renowned brands from India like Maruti, Toyota, Mahindra, Daikin, Saint-Gobain, Tata motors along with many other partners (total 100+) gave their contribution and support utilizing infrastructure, equipment, expert trainers, facilities, training programs and much more.

With the help of this event and partners like aforementioned, NSDC under the guidance of MSDE is aimed at working towards aspiring skills, technical education and vocational training and pave the road towards vocational trades in the country.

We also wish that the 48 participants perform their best and return to the country with yet another bag full of medals and awards, making the nation proud globally.