Job Interviews are one hell of a time when you need to hold yourself properly by all means. May it be your dressing sense, your walking style, your gesturing habits and most importantly your communication.

There are PD classes these days that even teaches how to perform and behave when appearing for a J-ob Interview. Today, we will discuss the 5 main points that need to be kept in mind to impress your future boss. And possibly, if not, then at least not get you rejected for that job.

1. Speaking about office space:
Sometimes, when you are a job interview, the office spaces might astonish you in some way or the other. Some offices may seem like heaven on first sight, some might seem the right amount of hell to kill you right away. However, whatever your opinion might be, do not exhibit the tendency of surprise regarding the office space because it is not gonna give your boss a good impression of your office premises related to ideologies.

2. Avoid the filler word
Sometimes, even when talking to our most idiotic friends, we fall for using filler words to make conversations. Words such as ‘Umm, Hmm, Eh, Oh, Erm’ are called filler words. Using these kinds of words during a conversation can make you look either nervous or blank in thoughts or unattentive to the interviewer. And you don’t want anything like that to be communicated in any sense. Keep that in mind.

3. Not the right place to start swearing
Our generation has been given too much open-mindedness by our families and friends. Every now and then, you can either hear someone using profane language or you yourself might be hitting some F- words or swearing around. However, during an interview, you must not, I repeat must not use any swearing words. Even if your interview seems fine with himself using some swear words during your first encounter, you should not follow the trait right away. You don’t know how are they gonna react. You cant take the risk.

4. Ask your question but time them properly
Many a time, individuals go underprepared with their homework. As a result, they might end up being blank when it comes to two-way interaction. On the other hand, some of you would have prepared way too much for the interview and would be having multiple questions from the company regarding many things. Well, you guys need to plan your questions smartly. The interviewer will definitely ask you at the end of the interview that if you have any question. Try to hold your curiosity till then. Also, you belong to the former category, who don’t have any questions or is a ‘Know-it-all’, even then ask some basic questions. This will make you look, interested in the job as well as a curiosity insect. They like such people.

5. Don’t praise or criticize your current/former employer
Some candidates get into the flow on being asked about past employment. Avoid praising too much of the work of your prior employer. This could make your new employer feel a little inferior. It would also create a vague personality about you as to why you are finding a new job if you liked it there so much. 
Also, do not criticise or bad-mouth your previous boss/employer. This does not give a good impression of how you look up to your leader. Also, the interviewer will think, that if you could abuse your old boss, you wouldn’t leave an opportunity to do so about your new boss. Note that.

Well, you would have learned a thing or two about how to deal with your interviewer now. Now go on, prepare yourself and rock that interview that’s been keeping you nervous for so long.