The world is moving towards energy & resource conservation by adopting new technologies & methods, which are resource savy, eco-friendly and modern. Every country from around the world has developed its methods of saving the environment, generating more energy & saving fossil fuel usage. Governments are focused on developing environmental policies to mitigate global warming & climate change. We have sorted and come up with a list of some inventions, which should exist in every city around the world. Also, if these inventions are already in your city, it is the smartest city of all.

1. Charging Bikes:

A cycle charger is a typical cycle installed in public places. Commuters can sit on them and connect their phones to the extended cables. Your phone will start to charge as you paddle the cycle. This technology is a must need in many cities as it has many benefits.

On one end, people are ought to cell phones and many times they don’t find a place to charge their phones. If you sit on one of these cycles, you do not get to charge your phone, but you can exercise a little bit with all that paddling. And the energy generated is from your paddling only, making it a 0% external energy consumption method. All of that and that too for free. 

2. Motion Sensing Street Lights

Street Lights are something which can save you from on-road dangers like potholes, pits, etc and save you from getting off-road at night. Streets lights are as necessary on roads, as much as eyes for a human. However, almost every city has a problem that for most of the day, these lights stay turned on for the night when there is the least traffic on the streets. This leads to a lot of energy consumption getting wasted.

 Smart Street Light is a perfect solution for these. Smart Street lights are equipped with motion sensors and as soon as they sense a vehicle or a commuter passing by, they light up and get turned on once the passerby has moved ahead. These are the best way to save ourselves from draining a lot of electrical energy in lighting up street lights on empty roads. As estimated by the government, this can save up to 15 billion dollars worth of money by 2025 in terms of energy consumption.

3. Solar Tree/Umbrella Power Stations

The largest source of energy in our solar system is our very own star, ‘The Sun’. It emits light and this light can be absorbed & converted into electricity. As a result, some genius minds have come up with a Solar Tree.

It is a tree-like structure, which has solar panels instead of leaves. These solar panels absorb the sun’s light all day long and convert it into electricity. Some of these trees are installed with charging points so that you can use mobile phones & Laptops while sitting under them. In India, this concept is being used in an umbrella-like structure called ‘Umbrella Power Stations’. 

4. Electricity Generating Tiles

A company has developed a type of pathway which is constructed with the help of compressible tiles. These tiles are installed on the roads and every step of a commuter on one of these tiles will generate up to 5 watts of electricity which is sufficient to light up a bulb for 3 seconds.

Imagine the amount of electricity generated if such tiles are installed on the busiest pathways of the city or maybe all the roads of the cities are made with this technology. Probably we might not need any kind another means of energy then.

5. Intelligent Pollution Consuming Trees

A Germany based company ‘Green City Solutions’ has developed a technology called ‘Smart City Tree’. As said by many experts, it is the world’s first Bio-Tech enables air quality filter. It uses micro-algae, a special type of algae specially engineered to be installed in these trees. The trees contain a bucked like structure filled with micro-algae. The exhaust machines inhale the polluted air and the micro-algae absorbs it and consumes the carbon from the air while exhaling pure and fresh oxygen.

This artificial tree can absorb & clean as much as 350 trees. Imagine the amount of air being cleaned every day if every street of your city was installed with at least 10 such trees. 

These are some of the best methods which can turn your which are much needed in modern cities. Our civilization is growing at an everlasting pace. Further, with the growing demand, we need to find energy-saving and eco-friendly techniques to fulfil our energy requirements while trying to save the nature at the same time. These amazing techniques and methods may not be easy enough to get installed right away. But we can look forward to a future where we will have energy-efficient charging points on the street while we cycle or merely enjoying sitting under those solar umbrellas and trees.