In a shocking video gone viral, five girls were seen fighting with each other allegedly over one man, who was their boyfriend. The incident occurred at a mela, where the girls were seen throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair. The incident was reported from the Sonepur Mela in Saran district, Bihar. Reportedly, the boyfriend in question tried to intervene and stop the brawl, but to no avail.

In the video gone viral, at least half a dozen girls are seen kicking, punching and pulling each other’s hair. One girl is repeatedly taking the beating of the girls, while her boyfriend tries to protect her.

The girls reportedly went as far as tearing each other’s clothes in the fit of a rage caused by the boyfriend, who was spotted enjoying the mela with a different woman. A girl in a blue top can be seen throwing punches to another girl, who was out on a date with the boyfriend.

Earlier this year, a similar incident was reported from Bengaluru, where several girls dressed in school uniform were seen engaging in a vicious brawl on a street. The brawl allegedly occurred over a boy. Video of the incident showed the girls ruthlessly thrashing each other in the middle of the street as others watched.

The Facts of the Matter

If love is blind, then teenage love can be bloody and vicious. First love while often romanticized, has a tendency to be toxic, filled with jealousy and miscommunication. While some move pass that phase in an uneventful manner, some carry memories of first love gone wrong and its consequences.

In one such incident reported from Bihar, five teenage girls reportedly clashed and thrashed each other over one boyfriend. The incident took place at the Sonepur Mela in Bihar’s Saran district.

According to reports, a boy, who was playing with the hearts of as many as five girlfriends, got in quite a pickle, when he was spotted by all of them at a mela. What went down was an all-out melee like situation, which ended in the girls being thrashed by each other.

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What Does the Video Show

In the video gone viral, at least five girls can be seen thrashing each other. They are throwing down punches, shoves, and pulling each other’s hair. One girl in the middle is taking a lot of beating, who the cheating boyfriend had come to the mela with. The altercation went so wild, that it is being reported that the girls tore each other’s clothes. While the boyfriend in question is trying to intervene and end the brawl, the girls are having none of it and continue on their thrashing.

Watch the Video here:

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Bengaluru School Girls Fight on Street Over One Boy

Earlier this year, a similar incident was reported from Bengaluru where school girls fought with each other on the streets over one boy. The video too was caught on video, visuals of which went viral on social media for the weeks to come.

In the video, several girls were seen slapping, shoving, and kicking each other. Some girls are seen pulling each other’s hair and one girl goes as far as flinging another girl by her hair and slamming her on a pavement.

The matter escalated to a point where a baseball bat made an appearance and was passed around for further thrashing.


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