Have you ever seen those videos on the internet where you see a man, playing with lions, tigers, panthers, bears, and pumas like you play with your dogs? While many of you get goosebumps while looking at these videos, some crazy minds like me, get overwhelmed to witness the love that a human and a wild beast can share.

Wild animals are one of the most important parts of our eco-system. However, with lots of hunting, climate change, escalating urbanization and deforestation, many of the naturally beautiful creature species have become endangered. While average human beings find it difficult to adjust their life with the wildlife around an area, some people are voluntarily dedicating their lives for the welfare and conservation of these wild-animals.

1. Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider is a Swiss wildlife worker and an animal rights activist based in South Africa. While working with the animals in the wildlife reserves, animals’ love for him has always grown over time. 


His viral photos and videos, playing with wild beasts on Instagram and other social media platforms have made him a social media celebrity. Initially, Dean was a banker and a financial planner, based in Switzerland. 


After making a good chunk of money, he decided to move to South Africa and establish a wild-life sanctuary. He started Hakuna Mitaka (Swahili for “no limits”) wildlife reserve in 2017 in South Africa, a 400 ha estate captivating lions zebras, impalas, kudu, hyenas, and baboons.


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2. Lisa Tora Jacqueline Kytösaho

An adventurous lady and the cutest wildlife caretaker Lisa Kytosaho is a Swedish beauty who lives in Africa and heads Western Cape Cheetah Conservation. She works for Cheetah Rehabilitation & conservation activities. The 24-year-old Lisa Tora Jacqueline Kytösaho alias Lisa Kytösaho is normally aggressive towards humans. 


She is the mother of a pack of 16 cheetahs who she has raised and cared for herself. She can be seen on social media and youtube videos, hugging, kissing and patting wild beasts as if they are her children. 


The Cheetas she works with were all born in captivity and some were rescued from different locations, places and facilities across Africa, where they were kept in poor conditions. 

Lisa moved to South Africa to pursue her dream six years ago and believes her relationship with the cheetahs stems from the love and care she offers them. The Cheetah Mom is one of the top wildlife caretakers and Instagram wildlife celebrities. 


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3. Tom Park

Living most of his life in the oceans, Tom Park is a published adventurer, professional underwater photographer and film-maker. While the others in the list try the thrill on the ground in deserts and forests, this guy moved a little further and took his adventure game to the deep blue oceans. 


Tom is a 22-year old Dive Master & a passionate underwater photographer working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Having grown up in Sydney and spending a good chunk of time in the ocean on a surfboard, scuba diving seemed natural for Tom. He started taking his scuba diving lessons at the age of 14 only. 


But his life is not less of a thrill as well. He films Whales and Sharks underwater, swim with fishes and tortoise and plays with seals. 


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4. Jacob Feder

23-year-old Jacob Feder is a wildlife conservationist who works at Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami. He comes from the USA and is currently a Youtube star.


He makes youtube videos with zoo animals and takes cares of them. The young wildlife activist tries to spread awareness and education about wildlife through his videos.


He works at the zoo and takes care of zoo animals, pamper them, create videos with them and live the dream life of many animal lovers.


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5. Eduardo Serio

The grown-up in the riches of LA, Eduardo Serio is the founder of Black Jaguar and White Tiger Foundation. It is a not-for-profit animal rescue and conservation centre, located in Mexico.


The foundation has rescued and cared for a lot of lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs and several other wild animals including endangered cats, monkeys etc.


Eduardo established BJWT foundation in 2013, when he visited Mexico for a trip and then strange turn of events happened, that never let him return to his home. He came across an incident of animal drug abuse for photography.


As a result, he decided to work for the welfare of the animals and dedicated his life for the purpose.

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