The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many people to work from home. Working from home provides flexible working opportunities for employees and saves time on the commute. Studies have suggested that working from home enhances the productivity and focus of the people. It also makes people more efficient because there are fewer interruptions from colleagues.

However, working from home comes with certain disadvantages such as difficulty sticking to a routine and separating home and work life. When you can’t make a work-life balance, you always feel like you’re at work. This can even cause moderate-to-severe burnout, leading to fatigue, insomnia, sadness, and irritability. Over time, you feel bored, hopeless, and emotionally drained which will affect your physical and mental health.

The weekends are the best time to unplug from the daily routine and to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. By adding some useful rituals into your weekend you can keep yourself more productive, creative, motivated, and focused on the weekdays.

Here are the 5-Weekend Rituals to Rejuvenate while Working from Home

Spend Some Time on your Hobbies

After a long workday, you might feel drained or less energetic. Still, spending some time on your hobbies is better and more entertaining than just laying in bed and watching TV. Hobbies offer several mental and physical benefits and give you a sense of deeper satisfaction. A hobby is a way to take a break from the day-to-day stresses, keep yourself active and engaged. Focusing on an activity you enjoy makes you feel more rejuvenated.

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Some of the hobbies to decluttering your mind and keep you productive include

1. Gardening

2. Reading a book

3. Writing an article or blog

4. Learning a new language or taking a class

5. Cooking

6. Learn activities like painting, drawing, dancing, and music

7. Try some DIY crafts to improve your home

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Practice Meditation and Yoga

Practicing meditation or yoga even once or twice a week helps to increase concentration, alertness, learning abilities, memory, and creativity. People feel better, more productive, and rejuvenated. Meditation and yoga also reduce the risk of cognitive damage which further helps to prevent mental issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Another health benefit of meditation and yoga is that they heal your mind. Doing yoga and meditation reduces depression and anxiety caused by hectic work stress and household chores. Yoga and medication trigger the release of happy hormones that uplift your mood and calm down the mind. All these things help you to focus only on the positive things in your life and maintain a work-life balance without overthinking about them.

Talk with your Loved Ones, Close Friends, and Relatives

Staying at home for a long period may make you feel alone and depressed. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you won’t be able to meet or hang out with friends every day after work. To cope with the feeling of loneliness and social isolation, you can talk with your close friends and relatives.

Talking to the one you love can boost your happiness and reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression. It also reduces the risk of certain health problems such as high blood pressure. Friends and family members offer support by listening to your problem, suggest some solutions, and always motivate you. This can increase feelings of care, belonging, and connection which helps you to detach from work. This helps you to relax, recharge yourself and recover from everyday stresses.

Talking with your friends and relatives is best for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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Take Care of Yourself

Due to responsibilities and workload, people forget to take care of their personal needs. But weekends give you ample time to take good care of yourself. Selfcare is very important for your physical and mental well-being. It helps to improve resilience and strength, manage challenges and everyday stress. In addition to this, self-pampering reduces irritability, hopelessness, and increases positive thinking.

Self-Care Involves

1. Getting enough sleep

2. Following a healthy food diet plan and avoiding processed foods

3. Adopt an exercise routine

4. Spending a few minutes in nature or a home garden

5. Talking to yourself

6. Enjoying a hot bath, music, or a quiet night at home

7. Write down your random things or the things you’re grateful for

Plan for the Next Week

Prepping for the week ahead can make you better manage things and reduce your stress. You can make a to-do list in advance of all the meetings and important tasks so that you can better plan your time. It also helps you to find out things or tasks that should be delegated. Planning for the week will help you feel more relaxed, less stressed and you can organize your work more effectively and efficiently. Having a to-do list also boosts your productivity and you can complete all your tasks with full concentration and focus.