A 50-year-old man from Bihar ended up marrying 6 women across four different states across India, and was later caught by his fourth wife’s brother. The 50-year-old man’s secret was busted when his fourth wife’s brother saw him with another woman at a railway station, ending his streak of deception and cheating. The playboy of Bihar was arrested by the Railway police, and later released after the police deemed it a ‘family matter’.

The man, reported to have been identified as simply Chhotu, is a native of Jamui district Bihar. Chhotu reportedly works in an orchestra band in Jharkhand’s Deoghar. After he was nabbed, he told the authorities that he got married to different women during his visits to various weddings and functions for performances.

The man’s long history with marriages started when he was married by his family twice to two women, one from Chimberia, and one from Sundartand. In 2011, he married on his own accord to a Ranchi-based woman and had four children with her.

Next, in 2018, he again married Manju Devi, and had two children with her. He then married a woman from Delhi, and another from Deoghar.

An officer who interrogated him was quoted saying, “He is obsessed with his wives. He married a girl wherever he performed at cultural events in Bihar and other states.”

The Facts of the Matter

‘Huzoor, main hoon aadat se majboor’. The song from the movie Ladies VS Ricky Bahl is about a deceiving man who can’t stop his streak of manipulating and wooing women to be in a relationship with them.

The song could be a perfect fit for 50-year-old Chotu, who reportedly married as many as six women across 4 states in India, only to be later caught by his fourth wife’s brother. After he was spotted, he was arrested by the railway police in Bihar, who later released him as it was a ‘family matter’ at their hands.

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The First Four Marriages

In his statement to the cops, Chhotu, a native of Bihar, said that he married twice in an arranged marriage set up by his family to women from Chimberia and Sundartand.

Having two wives was not enough for Chhotu, who then married as per his own wishes in 2011 when he met a Ranchi-based woman Kalawati and had four children with her.

His spate of marriages did not end here, as he married another woman in 2018 and had two children with her as well. Meanwhile, his third wife Kalawati found out about her husband’s other marriages, and decided to stay quiet for the family’s sake.

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The Modus Operandi

A member of an orchestra from Jharkhand’s Deoghar, Chhotu used to go to functions and events, where he would find women, he wanted to marry, and used to wed them there and then. He would then go somewhere else, and would rinse and repeat. In his statement to police, Chhotu said that his other two wives are from Delhi and Deoghar.

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Brother-in-Law Busts Secret

Chhotu’s game of marrying women would’ve continued had it not been his fourth wife’s brother. Recently, Chhotu’s brother-in-law spotted him at a Jamui railway station with another women. When the brother-in-law asked Chhotu who the woman was, Chhotu was busted, and he was later presented to the GRP Jamui railway station.

A New Indian Express report quoted a police officer involved in the matter saying, “He is obsessed with his wives. He married a girl wherever he performed at cultural events in Bihar and other states.”


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