Finding the best career nowadays is as easy as finding a golden needle in a stack of dry grass. I am kidding, it is not easy. But what makes a career-choice so tough is that every career seems to be the one for you. But, choosing a career can become tougher than choosing the right life partner in some instances. You need to assess your self on various aspects before committing to a field of work for your entire life.

Apart from your interest is a good factor, your growth potential in terms of knowledge, wealth and everything else gets associated with the career as well. For those who have sorted it out already. You can read this just for fun or knowledge purpose. But for those, who are just in a dilemma like I was while contemplating over many options, this article is the thing you’ve been looking for.

Here is a list of 6 best careers or industries or field of works which have the best success potential shortly. Just read the brief description below and you know where to pursue your growth.

Career #1: Healthcare

Recent research conducted by the Labor Department of USA shows that soon the medical experts and workers including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, home health aides, and pharmacists will be in high demand. This is because the world population is ageing and they’re gonna needing health care assistance. The study shows that around 4 million jobs are being added to this sector in 2018.

Education and Skills to Possess

Generally, healthcare entrants should be good in basic aptitude for science and math & enjoy working with people. To pursue a career as a Doctor, a Pharmacist, a nurse, a physiotherapist, one must undergo special graduation courses in colleges. However, less-skilled and lower-paid worker aides can get a small certification course to start working.

Students, who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare and medical industry, should opt for biological sciences in high school.

Career #2: Information Technology

This is no news to us. We all have been aware that the IT sector has changed the path of human development and it will continue to do so until forever. This signifies that the sincere need for IT professionals will only keep on increasing with better skill demands. Being a programmer, security specialists, and administrators will never run out of fashion. Although you need to keep yourself updated with the market trends.

Education and Skills to Work on

The field requires analytical thinking with creative problem-solving techniques. You can obtain bachelors and master qualifications from various colleges. The aspirant must be comfortable with learning newer computer technologies. Graduation programmes are available in all segments viz networking, security, operation, development, applied sciences etc. One must stay updated with continuing education & certification as the field updates dynamically.

Career #3: Alternative Energy

We have sucked up the oils and gases from the mother earth’s womb as much as we could and we know that it will run out soon. Human civilisation will need another energy source to keep them fuelled and so experts have already started working in the direction of renewable energy resources. Wind power, hydrogen power, geothermal power, and solar power are the upcoming industries which will create a good chunk of career opportunities. From mechanics and plant managers to scientists, engineers, and even sales and marketing professionals, will have a place in these industries.

Education and Skills in Demand

A career like this would demand a little geeky scientific mind so that you can enjoy your work while creating a good future for mother earth. You can pursue a graduation programme like Green MBA etc. in one of the fields from a US or UK based university as for now, there are no popular universities offering core courses for these.

Career #4: International Law

The businesses are expanding from cities to countries. Soon many business houses will turn global as their trade grows. They will need experts who are well versed with international law, tax codes, work and environmental regulations, and even ethics. Hence, pursuing international laws will not only yield a good career opportunity in India but around the world as well.

Education and Skills To Gain

The basic requirement will be to possess excellent communication skills as the career involves a lot of dealing with people. Apart from this, fluency in or knowledge of one or more languages will give you an edge over the others. You must be comfortable while travelling abroad to several destinations if you are looking to make a career here.

Career #5: Content Creation

The world is moving from paper to digital and from sales to marketing and this has incited the need to develop content to market content digitally. People are moving towards content creation to promote their products and services. Hence, demand for business writers who specialize in blogs, newsletters, website articles, whitepapers, and special reports have escalated.

Content Creation Education and Skills

While there is no specific skill set required for being a content creator, one must have a creative mindset which can help the foster business through promotional content. A bachelor’s degree, with additional education in areas of specialization, can do best for becoming a content writer. Apart from this, content creators need to have good communication and writing skills, with originality. A self-motivated and self-disciplined individual will be able to meet deadlines on time.

Career #6: Financial Analyst

In the recent scenario only, we can see that the country is undergoing an economic crisis. These are the results of poorly planned and poorly strategized financial policies. It highlights the need for sensible, smart and sound financial advisors and planners.

Financial Analyst Education and Skills

Being good with numbers, having an analytical mind-set and being a little ‘Chanakya’ from your soul is all you need to become a successful financial analyst. If you have the urge to pursue a career in financial analysis, the country has one of the best business schools from around the globe to teach and train you in the best manner.

I hope the information was useful to you. Now just sit down with your self, pen down your choices and narrow down a good option which you believe, holds the best future endeavours for you. And in case of any other query. Feel free to contact in the comment section. All the best.