In a horrifying incident where taking a holy dip proved fatal, 6 of a family were reported to have drowned in the holy Saryu river in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. While 6 bodies were later retrieved by the rescue workers, 3 remaining bodies of family members that were swept away by the current are still missing.


Over the course of centuries, the Saryu river has witnessed numerous people taking a dip into it to wash off their sins and do holy rituals. However, beneath the fragrance of the incense sticks and the flower petals floating over the river, are some tragedies that can haunt anyone who may want to indulge in holy activities.

One such tragedy occurred along the Guptaar Ghat that’s associated to the Saryu river, Uttar Pradesh. On July 9, 9 members of a family – which included women, children and men – were reported to have drowned while they were performing a holy ritual.

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Family of 15 Takes Pilgrimage to Ayodhya

While the actual information on the tragedy is as murky as the waters of the river, it is being reported that a family of 15 members had come from Agra to Ayodhya to offer their prayers and take part in the holy ritual of taking a dip in the river. According to the eye witnesses, some members of this family tried to wade into the deeper end of the waters to take the dip.

6 Members Wade in Deep Water and Slip

While wading there, they slipped and fell. Unfortunately, as there were no barricades or safety chains along the river to help the bathers in these situations, other family members were also trapped in the river due to the fact that the current in the river was immense.

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Local divers rush after hearing screams

After the bathers’ screams were heard, residents who were around wasted no time and quickly jumped into the river. They managed to pull out 3 of the family members. Subsequently the local divers recovered as many as 6 bodies.

Search for Missing Members is On

Assistant SP Palash Bansal was reported saying-

“Of the nine recovered from the river, six have been declared dead. A search operation is on to trace three persons, including two females and a 16-year-old boy of the same family.”

The superintendent of the police also said that 15 member family had come to Ayodhya on a religious visit. On Friday, the family decided to take a holy bath in the river. At that time, the river was battered with heavy rains.

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CM Yogi Instructs Officials

Meanwhile, the Ayodhya administration initiated a massive search and rescue operation for the missing members. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also instructed senior officials to rush to the spot and give additional supervision that may be required in the rescue operation.

At the time of covering this story, no reports emerged about the rescue of the missing members. Ayodhya district hospital’s chief medical superintendent, Dr. C.N.B Tripathi said was quoted by ToI saying-

“Fifteen members of a family from Agra district were taking bath at Guptaar Ghat when they slipped into the Saryu and were swept away by the strong current. Six people have died, six been rescued, but three are still untraceable. Search operation is on.”

Those who lost their lives include 40-yo-Lalit, 25-yo-Pankaj, 20-yo-Shruti, 60-yo-Rajkumari, 35-yo-Sita, and 4-yo-Dristhti.