Technology trend has become as dynamic as a fashion trend. It is ever-changing and ever-improvising. Companies are working day and night to improve the experience for their customers. People used to talk about technology replacing humans, but it seems that it is serving more and more to the needs of human. It seems to look at some of the latest technologies that people will not need at all to go out f their houses to fulfil their daily utilities.

These are 6 technologies which are being developed in the field of Product Shopping, Logistics, and Healthcare & Fitness. These technologies are expected to change the way we order & buy products, pursue healthcare & fitness and everything associated with them.

1. Hyper personalization (Product and Service Shopping Industry)

One product which may seem a 100/100 to you may seem a 75/100 to someone and even a 10/100 to someone else. To mitigate the gap between acute personal demands and broad supply criteria, companies are working on gaining 100 per cent customer satisfaction through hyper-personalization. It will help market products at the individual level.

Companies like Spotify have partnered with Ancestry to create unique playlists that reflect different ethnicities and regions. The health industry is aiming to develop techniques where people diet plans could be created for individuals based on their Saliva samples. The beauty industry is working on image recognition to create unique individual based products. The biggest tech giants in the world, Amazon and Apple are also working to develop personalized features which can be added to autonomous vehicles.

2. Smart technology for senior citizens (Healthcare and Medicine Industry)

Our grandparents were not even a bit close to understanding technology. However, we as a generation have grown to adopt it in daily life. And soon there will be a generation where the elders will need access to the technology.

This technology will not require the old lady and grandpa to make efforts to interact with a system like pushing a button on the computer, saying ‘Ok Google’ to phone, or talking to Alexa or measuring regular body stats for fitness apps. Rather, the Senior Citizen based technology will be more of surveillance technology.

In January, Google has patented ‘Always-On’, an optical sensor technology that captures data on cardiovascular function and track changes in the colour of the skin. It helps detect any blood flow disruptions. In the same year, Amazon filed to patent ‘Abnormal’, a technology that monitors the voice of the user to detect any issue or disorder in the voice conditions, like coughing and sore throats. The same is to be used with AI (Artificial Intelligence) interface which would suggest medicines and even send a request for a doctor in case of urgency.​

3. Basic healthcare tests at home (Healthcare and Medicine Industry)

​Often we need to visit doctors for even minimal disorders. Wasting our own time, money and energy. Future has it sorted for you. Imagine an ‘At Home DNA Testing Kit’ which would allow you conduct small tests like a blood test, urine test, saliva test etc at home only and revert you with a report about your health condition. It will not only while suggesting medicines/drugs but will tell you whether you need to see a doctor or not. You won’t have to wait long hours to meet doctors.

4. The Realistic Online Shopping Transformation (Product and Service Shopping Industry)

Although, there is no way to change the experience of how human shops offline, e-commerce giants have been making impulsive efforts to improvise the experience of the customers through online shopping. They not only wish to change the methodology from offline to online. But they wish to change the way someone shops online.

Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the technologies where the customer need not put any efforts for going through the hassle of the market.

They can just use their AI devices at home to connect to the online retail portals and try on things that they want to purchase. Do you want to try on some clothes?

Tell Alexa or Siri to search for online clothes, the AR-VR technology will help you see the clothes closes and would even let you try them on in a virtual world with options like change in colour, size, pattern etc.

Apart from this, companies are aiming to create smart robot operated factories and warehouses to change BTS (Behind the Scenes) of the shopping process.

5. Last-Mile Delivery Automation (Logistics & Shopping Industry)

We’ve heard of a future where Smart self-driving cars run on their own. In a world, where product delivery in a timely and efficient manner is becoming crucial, it is critical to not think about automation of delivery and logistics systems as well. E-commerce companies have been thriving to train smart vehicles for timely and safe delivery of products at the consumer’s doorstep.

Amazon and Uber have been working on launching their air delivery services with the use of manually controlled drones. Further, this has been sought that soon these companies will train self-driven drones to make product deliveries. This will change the way we order and receive our products, parcels, food and everything.

6. Tech when you’re awake, and tech when you’re sleeping (Healthcare & Fitness Industry)

The technology works with you shoulder to shoulder when you are awake. But ever wondered if a technology that works for you when you are asleep. Smartphones and smart devices have become an integral part of our lives. However, products like FitBit, MiSmartBand, smartwatches work for us day and night.

These smart devices can be tied to our hand and they track our bodily functions while we sleep. They suggest us about the quality of sleep, sleep schedule, heart rate etc and help us improve health through stats. The future will endeavour with devices which will let us understand the regular conditions of our body and will suggest us ways to deal with problems if any.