A 6-year-old boy recently hit jackpot after he discovered a rare 3-million-year-old Megalodon Shark tooth while looking for shells on the beach. The incident was reported from Suffolk’s Bawdsey Beach, UK and the lucky boy was identified as Sammy Shelton.

For the unversed, the Megalodon Shark, is a now-extinct prehistoric shark that were found about 3.6 million years ago. The 60 ft shark was known for killing and tearing through the likes of The Great White Shark, which is currently the biggest carnivorous fish in the world.

According to reports, Megaladon’s estimated maximum length reached up to about 46-67 ft and weighed up to 65 short tons. 6-year-old Sammy is now the proud discoverer of a 4-inch rare tooth of the largest and most powerful predator to have roamed the planet in its existence so far.

Like any proud owner, Sammy doesn’t want to get separated from the tooth for even a second, and continues to sleep with the tooth next to his bed. Sammay was reportedly with his father at the beach, who was quoted in a BBC report saying, “Sammy was very excited as we’d seen fragments of shark teeth on the beach, but nothing as big and heavy as this.”

The Facts of the Matter

The Earth has been home to millions of animals, birds and organisms. Some have been awe-worthy, such as Saber-Tooth Tiger and mammoth, while some have been absolutely terrifying such as dinosaurs. But what above those that lived under the cover of ocean and have not been so well documented?

When 6-year-old Sammay Shelton was on a Brit beach, he couldn’t contain his excitement as he had discovered the tooth of one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever been on the planet. Sammay ended up getting his hands on a 4 in tooth of a Megalodon Shark.

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More About Megalodon Sharks

Megalodon was one of the largest predators to have ever lived, and on record the largest fish to have roamed the oceans. Estimates based on the size of its tooth and some remnants suggest that the largest Megalodons measured up to 60 feet, or even more.

With a mouth that opened up to about 10 feet wide, the Megalodons ate over 2,500 pounds of food in a day and had the most powerful bite of all time.

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Sammy Earns Special ‘Explorer Badge’

To put Sammy’s discovery into perspective, it must be noted that since Sharks don’t have bones, whatever we have ever known and will come to know, will come from the large fossil teeth. After getting his hands on the rare fossil, he took it to his school, and was lauded by his peers and teachers.

For his curiosity and interest to discover new things, he has also earned a special ‘explorer’ badge. Reportedly, Sammy was with his 60-year-old father Peter Shelton at the beach when he made the discovery.

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“We were looking for shells..”: Young Boy’s Proud Father

Following the incident, his father gave interview to local media where he was quoted saying, “Really we were looking for interesting shells on the beach but instead we got this megalodon tooth. It was huge and very heavy.”

While, Mr. Shelton claims that he knew what his son discovered, the true significance of the discovery dawned upon him when he spoke to other people. “There was one guy down there who’s been looking all his life for a megalodon tooth and never found anything of this size,” he told media.

As for what Sammay is planning to do next, his father reported that he is now interested in taking to beach again and digging up more fossils. Meanwhile, he sleeps with his fascinating discovery kept by his bedside.


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