6-year-old Veerangana Jhala from Gujarat, who saved lives of as many as 60 people stuck in fire, is to be honoured with bravery award. The incident took place earlier on August 7, 2022 in Ahmedabad’s Parkview Apartments near Rajpath Club. While most adults were thrown in a state of panic frenzy it was Veerangana, who true to her name calmly saved the lives of 60 people. Her composure and fearlessness in the time of crisis is to be honoured with the National Bravery Award on Republic Day 2023.

According to reports, the fire broke out due to a spark from the air-conditioner. In no time, the spark turned into a flame, and the flame turned into a raging fire. When 6-year-old Veerangana Jhala sensed something awry, she immediately alerted her parents. Her father works as a hospitality management consultant while her mother works as a gemologist.

After informing her parents about the ordeal, Veerangana further ventured into the unknown without caring for her life. She immediately rushed to her neighbours and asked them to leave the building as soon as possible. The neighbours initially considered Veerangana to be playing a prank.

However, when they saw the smoke bellowing, they evacuated the place, and this is how Veerangana, which literally means a brave woman, saved lives of 60 people.

The Facts of the Matter

Seeing a bellowing fire break out in one’s proximity can send even the bravest of the brave in a state of panic-induced frenzy. In such situations, the only thing that can make difference between a bunch of lives saved and a tragic catastrophe, is a sane mind. Earlier last year, a 6-year-old girl from Ahmedabad made sure that her confidence and composure give a second lease of life to as many as 60 people.

For saving 60 people in a fire related incident, Veerangana Jhala will receive the National Bravery Award on the Republic Day 2023.

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Normal Day Turns Sideways Due to Fire

The date is August 7, 2022. It was a normal day for the residents of Parkview Apartments near Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad. However, little did they know that it was all going to change swiftly and greatly. At around 10.15 pm, a spark from an air conditioner became the cause of a massive fire in the apartment building. What started off as a mere spark, soon turned into a growing flame, and then into a raging fire.

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Veerangana Stays True to her Name

Veerangana Jhala, who had pressed the remote of the air conditioning unit was obviously left startled at the growing flame. However, unlike most people who would look at things unfold in front of them in panic, Veerangana took matters in her hand and informed her parents about the fire.

Not only this, but Veerangana also decided to not take the fire situation lightly. She stepped out of her apartment and rushed to warn her neighbours about the fire. Her neighbours initially didn’t take her words seriously, thinking that she was simply pulling a prank.

Saving Sixty Lives from Fire

When residents spotted smoke bellowing from the spot, they immediately rushed out of the apartment building. Some residents also brought out a fire extinguisher to douse the flame. But such was the fire that it took the fire brigade next two hours to get control over the situation.

Not only did Veerangana, whose name literally translates to a brae woman, save her family from impending doom, but also saved sixty residents of the apartment building.

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Veerangana To Be Honoured with Bravery Award

For her bravery and composure in the moment of crisis, she is scheduled to receive the National Bravery Award on Republic Day in Delhi. Her mother Kamakshi told TOI, “When Veerangana got off her school bus, we told her that she would receive an award for her brave actions during the fire. She said ‘wow’ and her face flushed with happiness.”.


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