In a moment of exceptional bravery, a 63-year-old grandma foiled a robbery attempt of a hammer yielding man by simply sitting on him. The incident was caught on video, visuals of which are flooded on social media and YouTube. While the incident occurred earlier in December last year, it’s only recently that the CCTV footage of the incident was made public.

The brave granny who foiled the robbery attempt at a grocery store was identified as 63-year-old Roseann Gibson, a resident of Glasgow, Scotland. CCTV footage shows how her 26-year-old nephew Christopher acted timely and threw a bunch of newspapers at the accused to confuse him.

The distraction was enough for Roseann to take matters in her own hand. She knocked the robber to the ground while her nephew jumped on a counter and struck him. Meanwhile, Roseann moves quickly and takes away the accused’s hammer away as her nephew continued to tussle with him.

In the end, 63-year-old Roseann threw all her weight on the accused as her nephew tried to restrain him.

The accused, 45-year-old George Kinnear, was armed with a knife as well when he tried to rob the store named Browns newsagent. The accused, an armed forces veteran, was later charged for attempted robbery and threatening violence.

The Facts of the Matter

What is bravery? It’s standing up for right against all odds, it’s using whatever is at one’s disposal to defend against all that is wrong and vain. While such brave incidents are watched with awe-struck eyes in films, such incidents often around us and such bravery is displayed by common, average-looking human.

Recently, a CCTV footage emerged showing a brave grandmother foiling a robbery attempt. While the sentence in itself makes the elderly woman appear brave, it is knowing who she stood against, that makes her actions all the more applause worthy.

When 63-year-old Roseann Gibson arrived at a shop in Glasgow, Scotland, to buy some presents for her grandson, little did she know that she would be foiling a robbery attempt soon. Her actions were caught on CCTV camera, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

CCTV footage shows a man, armed with a hammer, entering a shop and asking for money from the cashier at the counter. This is when 63-year-old Roseann and her nephew Christopher intervened. The duo quickly knocked the accused on the ground and somehow managed to take away the weapon from him. Before the tussle could escalate, Roseann put all her weight on the accused and sat on him, as Christopher tried to restrain him.

Watch the Video here:

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“Can’t believe I did it”: Brave Granny

Although the incident took place earlier in December 2021, Roseann still remembers what happened on the particular day vividly. While giving an interview, she was quoted saying, “’When I watched the CCTV back, I was shocked. I just can’t believe I did it. A lot of things have changed since it happened. Before, I would never have thought twice about standing outside the shop early in the morning while we wait to open up which I’ve done for 42 years. But now I wait in my car across the road”.

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Accused an Armed Forces Veteran

According to a Metro report, the accused is a 45-year-old armed forces veteran. During the arrest, police officers also recovered a knife the accused had in his possession. The accused was charged with attempted armed robbery, threatening with violence. He will be given a sentence sometime later this month, Metro reported.


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