Indian Government, education departments and institutes are continuously striving to develop and improve the education system in India. However, there are several things which still needs an immediate solution. Education is the base of an individual’s life. If the base is not strong enough, then one will face difficulties in fighting the cutting edge global competition.

While the nation struggles with the drawbacks of the former education system, here are some points which need to be changed to give the education system a whole new face.

1. Rote Learning

The Indian education system has been diseased with rote learning for a long time now. Rote learning refers to the system where the same things are read, studied or practised again and again until it gets fitted into the pupil’s mind. 

However, there are International Baccalaureate (IB) schools which try to teach students with an approach that helps them endeavour in academic as well as personal development. But still, rote learning is a reality for many Indian schools.

The government shall aim to eradicate the same by introducing conceptual and practical based learning. Instead of cramming things up from books, students shall get out of classrooms to conduct practical illustrations and understand concepts in a clearer manner. 

2. Evaluation System

It is not the problem of the education system but also the problem of society. A student is valued based on grades and marks they have obtained in their report cards. The pressure of obtaining good marks in a 3 hour written examination has burdened the students to put their overall into books only.

An effective education system should be where a student is evaluated based on their overall development. A student’s participation in classroom activities & projects, their communication and leadership skills and other extracurricular activities shall collectively form the base for their evaluation. This will motivate students towards all around the development.

3. Equal importance to all subjects

Even in a modern world like today, where the parents are educated enough, importance is given to science and mathematics-based subjects only. Communication, language, arts subjects are looked upon with insignificance. This needs to be changed.

Every subject shall be given equal importance in the curriculum of the students. This will help them understand their own choices in a better manner and guide them to choose a career field of their own choice.

4. Better training to educationists.

A student is like wet clay and a teacher is the one who moulds it in perfect shape. However, sometimes the education system has to come across teachers who do not understand their duty of imparting wisdom and knowledge to the budding future of our nation. 

Effectively training a teacher is the most important part because a teacher is like a second parent and they should be able to give students a comfortable environment where students can learn with an open mind. 

5. Technology-based learning

Technology is an unspeakable part of everyone’s life. May it is daily life, profession or anything else, technology is all around. Hence, it becomes very significant to introduce technology in the education system.

Introduction of technology will endure students in two ways. One it will make students familiar with the technological updates and make them comfortable in using it in a day to day life. Secondly, it will make education easier because that’s what technology is for, making our life easier. Technology in education will revolutionize education like never before.

6. Personalised Education

The famous idiom “You can’t just a fish by its ability to fly” fits perfectly in this scenario. Not every student is the same and so is not everyone’s absorption power. Then, how can the same teaching method be applied to every student? 

Personalised learning methods should be introduced to some extent to make students feel right about their own learning pace and interests. A single teacher can’t address every student individually. This is where technology comes in. Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and such other techniques should be developed and implemented to impart personalised education.

7. Teach the purpose of education

The system of educating students is focused upon training students to fight the industrial competition and become richer than others. Instead of enduring students with a competitive ideology, we must teach our children the religion of humanism.

To have qualities like empathy and generosity and invest time, life and money in the welfare of society, has always been the prime purpose of education. Students shall be given moralistic lessons and taught values of humanism to make the future world, a better place for themselves.

We all look forward to an education system where these points are a reality. Instead of waiting for someone to implement this initiative, we shall start teaching our students & children using all these techniques. Maybe one day, the face of the whole society will change with the change in the education system.