As the governments across the world work around the clock with the pharmaceutical partners to erect a well-oiled vaccination delivery system, a new virus strain has been discovered in Britain and has alarmed civilians and authorities worldwide.

The new variant named “VUI-202012/01” is theoretically more infectious than the original viruses and can cause a quicker, wider spread of the COVID-19 virus.

However, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has assured the Indian masses that “there is no need to panic”. Speaking to news reporters, Harsh Vardhan said that people don’t need to get hassled with imaginary situations, imaginary talks, and imaginary panic.” 

Stressing over the efforts made by the government and healthcare workers in dealing with the pandemic during the larger part of the year, the health minister said, “The government is fully alert. In the last one year, as you all have seen, we took all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the people.” 

Although the Health Minister’s words sound somewhat comforting in these distressing times, the news from Delhi that is emerging does not paint as comforting a picture.

Five travelers and crew members whose Air India flight landed at the Delhi airport from the UK last night have tested positive for coronavirus. 

As it is still unclear whether these 5 travelers are infected with the new coronavirus mutation, the center is not taking any chances and the patients will now have to undergo RT-PCR test.

The Health Minister’s words may be comforting and may have come about with the best intentions of not causing a panic among the Indian citizens, but the situation that is now developing in New Delhi with the 5 COVID positive passengers from UK where the new deadly mutation has been found, is alarming and should be taken with the utmost consideration.