In a horrific incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a 74-year-old woman reportedly killed her government teacher husband with an axe over property dispute. The woman later consumed poison to take her own life and is currently in the hospital in a critical condition.

The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Ambedkar Nagar district and occurred earlier this week. The accused woman was identified as Shanti Devi and the victim was identified as Ram Padarath. The victim had retired from the post of a government teacher back in 2006.

According to reports, the couple were against odds due to financial and property disputes. Earlier, the victim had transferred all his wealth to their daughter-in-law Poonam, which became a cause for the couple to lock horns often.

On the day of the incident, the couple again got involved in a similar argument. The heated argument escalated to a point of no return, when the accused picked up an axe and hacked her husband. Later, she consumed poison in a bid to take her life. However, her attempt was unsuccessful and she was admitted to the hospital.

According to National Crime Records Bureau, Uttar Pradesh was second in the list of most crimes related to land disputes in 2021 with 227 such cases.

Crimes Due to Property Related Issues

The National Crime Records Bureau recently published its annual report which mentioned that Uttar Pradesh was second to Bihar when it came to murders due to property dispute. In Bihar, every fifth murder in 2021 was caused due to such disputes.

The state reported 1,081 murder cases with 59% of the total cases attributed to property dispute. Bihar was followed by Uttar Pradesh, which has almost double the population and registered 227 such cases, followed by Maharashtra with 172 cases.

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The Facts of the Matter

Locals of Ambedkar Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh were shocked recently at the recent news of a local woman killing her husband over property dispute. The 74-year-old accused woman killed her 76-year-old husband earlier last week after a heated argument caused by property issues.

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Victim was a Government Teacher

The victim in the matter was identified s Ram Padarth while the accused was identified as his wife Shanti Devi. The victim had retired as a government teacher back in 2006.

According to reports, the couple had been fighting with each other over financial matters. After his retirement, the victim had reportedly transferred all his wealth to his daughter-in-law Poonam.

The victim’s wife was left enraged since then, knowing that she had been not left with a single rupee or any other valuables.

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The Day of the Incident

On the day of the incident, the couple again had heated argument over the same issue. The argument escalated and the accused picked up an axe. She thrashed her husband and later used the axe to hack him to death.

Following the incident, the accused woman was arrested.


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