A 75-year-old elderly man from Canada has become the world’s oldest person to perform a headstand. The elderly grandpa, identified as Tanios “Tony” Helou, is a resident of Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada. Earlier last week, Guinness World Record recognized Tony as the oldest person alive to perform a headstand.

Guinness World Record claimed that Tony turned the world “upside down” by getting “inspired to attempt the feat for his family, but also wanted to prove that it’s possible to achieve great things at any age”.

With attaining any world record comes a lot of attention and fame. While Tony claims that he feels a certain relaxation when he does headstands, her daughter Rola claims that the attention he receives is another motivator for him to perform headstands.

“My dad admittedly also likes the attention he gets as an older person doing a headstand. People often react with awe,” she was quoted saying. He also enjoys having random conversation with people who are awestruck by the new title he has attained.

Even at his age, and even after attaining the title at his age, Tony has new aims that he is looking forward to achieve. One of them is attempting a headstand with two fingers.

The Facts of the Matter

The sands of time spare none. However, must we let aging stop us from achieving our dreams? An elderly man from Canada recently became the epitome of “age no bar” as he attained the title of being the oldest person to perform a headstand.

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What Inspired Tony to Set Record?

At an age when most people often give up on their dreams, Tanios “Tony” Helou, became a shining example that one must not let age get the better of the dreams. On December 16, 2021, he achieved the title of being the oldest person to perform a headstand. According to the Guinness World Records, Tony wanted to prove that it’s never too late to achieve great things at his age. He was also inspired to achieve the feat for his family.

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Tony’s Fitness Regime

The now elderly gentleman was physically fit for the most part in his life. As a young man, Tony used to stun people by walking on his hands just for fun. As he neared his sixties, he started to work towards his aim of being a healthy senior citizen. His fitness regimen included running every day, challenging himself to do pushups, and of course – performing headstands against walls.

Performing Headstands Randomly & Not Being Shy

Having mastered the art of performing headstands, Tony used to enthrall and captivate his family, friends and acquaintances. He used to perform headstands anywhere and everywhere he could – including at parks as well.

While most senior citizens would still feel a little awkward with showing off their skills, Tony never felt that and told Guinness World Records – “I’m not shy about performing headstands.”

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Tony’s Daughter Encouraged him to Set Record

While Tony could perform headstands since he could remember, it was his daughter who encouraged Tony to set the record. In her conversation with the folks at Guinness World Records, her Tony’s daughter Rola remembered a special incident where she marveled at her father’s ability to do headstand.

“We were at a park having a picnic and my dad rode up to us on my new bike, except he was doing a headstand on the bike as it was rolling,” she said.

Tony has Tips for Those Who Want to Do Headstands

Inspired with Tony’s ability to perform headstands? He has given some tips to people who want to learn how to perform a headstand. One of the suggestions he shared was to not eat much or drink before attempting a headstand.

He also added that amateurs must start off with balancing themselves against wall to make sure they are protected against a fall.


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