The dates for GATE 2020 are out and the students have started preparing their head to toe for bagging seats in their dream engineering colleges. However, no matter how familiar we may be with the exam fear and other things that come along, there is always some new and different for each exam.

The same thing goes with GATE. Every exam is designed differently. Although many competitive & entrance exams are similar in their syllabus & patter to some extent, there is still a lot of difference that we need to know about the exam we are appearing for.

Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) is a prestigious all-India level examination, which jointly conducted & administered by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and 7 Indian Institutes of India (IITs) headed by one institute every year in rotation. GATE 2020 exams are the responsibility of IIT Delhi & will be conducted online by IIT Delhi on February 1, 2, 8 & 9.

The Students appearing for GATE generally belong to the field of Engineering/Technology/Architecture and must be holding a graduate/ post-graduate degree in one or more of the said fields. GATE helps these students to bag government scholarships/assistantships in engineering colleges/Institutes/Universities.

Generally courses like MTech/ME/MS courses, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). The GATE scores play a vital role in qualifying for a job in public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as BHEL, NTPC, IOCL etc.

The exam plays a significant role for the students pursuing a professional career in the field of engineering, architecture and technology. Hence, the students must be prepared for the exams. Many people find it difficult to understand how to prepare for the exams. So, here are some major pointers that you need to keep in mind while preparing for GATE 2020:

Set your goals: Everyone has a different pursuit with the GATE exams. Some want to bag seats in top-notch IITs & some want PSU jobs, while some aim to get an average college with reasonable fees and good placements. You need to narrow down your choices. If you want IIT & PSU jobs, you need to fall within the top 1000 ranks. Further, if you looking to get a basic qualification with the exam, you can even leave some topics.

Build your concepts: GATE Exams is based on testing the application competencies and technical knowledge of individuals. To perform well in the final tests, you need to have a clear understanding of the topics and techniques. Join a good education institute or programme or find a good online tutorial to help you build & strengthen your concepts. 

Practice before you Perform: Do not go underprepared for the exams. Revise and practise the concepts thoroughly multiple times before the exam. Do not be in a haste to complete all the topics and cover syllabus. Try to cover a major part and practice it multiple times. Identify your weak topics and points and work on them by making personalized notes.

Formula Bible: GATE is an engineering-based examination and formulae come along the name. Mathematics, physics and other stuff gets too much mixed up and you end up making mistakes in the exams. Rather, prepare a separate copy where you could note down all the important formulas. Revise the formulas after waking up and before going to sleep every day and Bam! You can now spell formulas like a priest reading the prayer.

The focus of High Gaining Topics: There are some topics which are focused upon by the examiners more than the other. Get an understanding of the pattern and prepare the topics well. This way you need not focus on all topics and your narrowed preparations will yield you more time to prepare. These methods make it relatively easier to score good marks in the exam.

Mock Test Series: Many times, it is a story that candidates fail to perform well in exam either because of the exam fear or because of the time mismanagement. The one-stop solution in the Mock Test series. There are multiple online mock test series which are conducted with a similar interface, including question pattern, no of questions, time limit etc. It gives you an early experience of the exam hall. This way you can conduct an analysis of yourself and fill the gaps to perform well in the final exams.

Your Exam Strategy: Everyone has a different ability and understanding and thus it is natural that everyone will have a different way to deal with exams. Understand which are your strong topics and which ones hurt the most. Prepare your own exam strategy. Get inputs from your co-preparers but do not exactly copy their methods. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Relax Before the Exams: Do not indulge in unnecessary last hour revisions or discussions with your friends. Relax, you’ve given a lot of time to prepare. And one straight forward thing is, if months and weeks of preparations weren’t enough, then few minutes won’t add much to it. Rather sit quietly, listen to good music and give yourself a good time before the final battle.

Hope these tips were useful for you. Now Start preparing and rock your finals. All the best.