In a testimony of turning lemons into lemonade, an 85-yo couple launched their own oil products filled with 50 herbs after their daughter complained of hair fall. Often, we are told that age is just a number, and yet, many of us don’t partake in activities, and claim that we may be too young or too old for that. However, the elderly couple from Surat are breaking all such stereotypes and foraying into the pastures of entrepreneurship.

The couple’s line of natural oils has already launched successfully with over 200 orders fulfilled in a month.


Stories of young entrepreneurs making it big can be overwhelm us all. However, there are several entrepreneurs with successful ventures that started their business when they already had decades behind their backs. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), the highly successful fast-food chain was founded by Col. Harland David Sanders when he was 62. Similarly, Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks when he was 50.

Recently, an elderly couple from Gujarat are making waves for starting an all-natural hair oil infused with 50 herbs. These are the facts of the matter.

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The Facts of the Matter

85-year-old Radha Krishan Choudhary’s days are not filled with staring at the sky, or taking long walks like most elderly his age. He is the proud owner of a new hair oil he created with his wife Shakuntala, whose of the same age.

According to a Better India report, the couple launched a startup with the name ‘Avimee Herbals’, a company aiming to provide people with chemical-free and all-natural hair-oil. The hair oil is produced with the aim of curbing problems such as balding, hair-fall, dandruff, and other common yet crucial ailments.

The Eureka Moment

It was 2021 when Mr. Radha Krishan heard her daughter complaining about hair-fall. Most parents would either bicker about the bad lifestyle of their children. Or they may plainly suggest some products that would help with the issue.

However, Mr. Radha Krishan wasn’t like most parents. Taking the idea of responsible parenting one notch up, he took to the well of information – internet. He was instantly bombarded with ads, research papers, and relevant information. He still remained unsatisfied and chose to take matters in his own hand.

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Taking Matters in Own Hand

What followed next would shock our readers. The 85-year-old Surat citizen started compiling ingredients to create his own oil. For Mr. Radha Krishna, this was a familiar territory as his childhood was spent in such experiments.

Soon, his wife also joined forces with him and started researching on how to create natural oil. They started off slowly, by first identifying issues that lead to hair-fall, and then compiling what herb could be the solution to the issues.

First Batch Created, Elderly Innovators Test on Themselves

After countless hours of research and trial and error, the couple created the first batch of the hair-oil. Made with cold-pressed technology, the hair oil is made with 50 herbs. The 50 herbs include all the usual suspects such as coconut, castor and some new interesting ingredients such as oilive, kalonji, etc.

Like a diligent experimenter, Mr. Radha Krishna tried the oil on himself first. He was overwhelmed with joy when he saw that his bald spot was filling up with some hair over a few days. Soon, his wife too used the oil and both the elderly entrepreneurs saw their hair being filled with hair.

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Product Shared to World, Successful Soft Launch

They soon shared their new innovation to their friends and family and offered them for testing. Upon receiving incredibly positive feedback, the couple decided to venture into the real market. In June, they gave the hair oil the name of ‘Keshpallav’, and launched it.

The soft-launch was quite successful with the couple receiving over 200 orders within just 30 days.

Slowly but surely the couple started receiving positive feedback on their social media platforms. A successful testimony came in the form of a woman from Kolkata who called the couple and thanked them.