While we, as a nation, struggle to find a place between the most economically stable, or most literate or most ‘Swachh’ (Clean) eco-friendly nation, there are things at which no other nation will ever be able to beat us. India is known for many things around the world like its rich historical cum architectural heritage, secularism, diversities, culture and whatnot. However, there are few things at which India is best amongst all 200+ countries from around the world that you never knew about. So this is a list of 10 things that India has or does better than any other nation on this planet.

9. Mountain Cities

India as a country is famous around the world for its mountain cities, profoundly known as ‘Hill Stations’. Every Indian state has hill stations and there are more than 200 hill stations across the country. These places are amongst the top-visited tourist destinations, especially in summers. Here is a state-wise list of all the hill stations across India:

List of hill stations in India     

8. Festivals

Since school days, we have been taught that India is a land of festivals because people of every religion of the world exist in India. The Indian land houses thousands of cultures and a diversified population, believing in hundreds of small and major religions and sub-religions. It will not be wrong to say that India celebrated festivals for almost 365 days a year. Indian diversity is so major that many Indian festivals are celebrated across the world such as Diwali, Ganesh Utsav and Holi. Apart from this, all Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain and other major festivals are widely celebrated in the country as well.

7. Cricket Obsessive

Cricket was invented by Britishers. They left India with two major things as their legacy. One is a railway and other is cricket. Indian people are not just interested in cricket, they are obsessed about it. In India, cricketers are treated like celebrities, even gods in some cases. Internal Cricket Council’s biggest viewership comes from India only. Well, somehow India population plays its part as well.

6. Comfort food

If you are an Indian than you know it that it is every bit as true as anything. Indian food is the best food around the world. The country has flavours which you cannot find anywhere in the world. Ranging from the delicious North Indian, spicy Punjabi food to the delicious South Indian Idli Dosa and then a variety of non-veg food from Afghani styles to Mughal style chicken and meat. Indian land has been ruled by different people from around the world including, French, Portuguese, Mughals, Europeans, Afghanis and what not. Also, with China being right around the corner, we have almost every kind of food in our pocket to entertain our citizens.

5. Ornamenting

Indian land is the biggest producer of the world’s two most important raw materials for jewellery. Gold and Diamond. Indian jewellery and ornament industry is one of the biggest in the world and every city has large Sarafa Markets where you can get the most unique, expensive and artistic pieces of ornaments. While Hyderabad is famous for its pearls whereas Jaipur is for gems, Gujrat is famous for its diamonds; south states are famous for heavy gold jewellery.

4. Celebrities

While Hollywood may be the biggest movie industry in the world, the fan following of Bollywood starts never fails to impress. Not only are the Bollywood celebrities are rich in their fan following, but are also rich in terms of wealth and work. They receive all kinds of endorsements from beauty products to luxury cars and whatnot.

3. Old Railway Network

Indian Railways is one of the oldest, biggest and most classic railway networks of the world. It was established by Britishers and recently completed 160 years since its inception. Indian rail is known as the lifeline of the nation as they pass through cities, villages, mountains, coastline and commute almost 20 million passengers daily. While Indian railway still has a long way to match world-class safety standards, it stays one of the most marvellous means of transport, ever built by mankind.

2. Street vendors

You can find vendors in Indians street, selling anything. They sell fruits, vegetables, snacks, spices, accessories, pirated CDs, masala popcorn, Ice cream, branded clothes and whatnot. A large community of people in India earn their daily bread and butter through street vendor business only. 

1. Barbers

PIC BY CATERS NEWS – (Pictured: Nazim Ali, 48, an Indian barber who sets the cutomers hair on fire.) An Indian barber has found an innovative way of cutting hair-by setting it on fire. Nazim Ali, 48, has invented a unique technique for haircuts where he uses fire instead of scissors. The barber, who runs Sahib & Sahiba Salon in Gandhi Nagar, New Delhi, has been a maverick in the business for last 27 years. As the customer walks into Alis salon, he shows them a catalogue of different hairstyles to let them choose the cut they want. SEE CATERS COPY.

Long before the concept of Spa and Massage centres fostered in India, the country’s barber had been doing a lot of work which went un-noticed. An Indian barber not only does hair trimming or shaving. Almost every Indian barber is trained in multiple beauty and health treatments from including setting eyebrows to giving you a facial, a face massage, and the head massage popularly known as “Champi”. Indian barbers are one of a kind.