Recently a picture of a ship has gone viral on the internet where it is hard to tell whether a ship is floating in the sky? Is it a trick or reality? The picture has created a lot of buzz on the internet. It was shared on Facebook by a man named Colin McCallum who is a resident of Aberdeen, Scotland.

In the picture that is shared across the net a red colour ship is seen at a distance, the click was made from afar. The picture is quite astonishing and mind-blowing because it seemed that the ship was floating in the sky, not water.

Can You believe it!  A Floating Ship in the Sky – Trick or Reality?

Okay, here’s the photo for you to feast your eyes and decide for yourself as to what it is:

As per the Daily Mail, which published the picture with a caption “Today saw a real-life optical illusion in Banff,” which was quite apt and clear in its saying.

If one looks closely at the picture, one will notice that clouds are covering the lower part of the ship. Therefore, creating an illusion. The ship is still very much in the water and floating. This beautiful illusion is visible due to the cloud which has covered the ship from the bottom that has made the ship look in the picture like the ship is flying in the air.

Obviously, the picture is too magical and the manner it looks like, it had to go viral over the internet. It was shared many times not only on Facebook, but also on other social media platforms.

Reactions from netizens were rather in awe of the picture and comments were much in appreciation of the beauty that the picture has and also much of surprised reactions were seen. Comments like “It’s fantastic,” “Back to Bella of the future. Well though.” were part of the comment box.