Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Abhinav Kohli in his new Instagram video has criticized Shweta for misleading him about their son’s information and by lying Reyansh’s caretaker and their location before she departed to shoot Khatron Ke Khiladi 11.

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On social media, Abhinav Kohli shared a video that narrated that his ex-wife Shweta Tiwari did not inform him where their son Reyansh would stay in her absence, when she’d be departing for shooting khatron ke khiladi-11 and who will take care of their kid meantime. Later in the video he also discloses that he has all the call recordings with him and none of the call recording has the hint of his son’s well-being.

He claims that his child has been kept away from his contact and in an undisclosed location. He said that-

“I’ve had enough. I have suffered due to her lies and wrong-doings. Shweta has informed in an interview that she has told me that our kid is fine and is now with her family.”

The first video he posted

Adding to his statement he also claimed several allegations on Shweta by saying, “Enough of lying Shweta. If you had called me, then prove them by showing your call record, and if not then he had got all the call records.” He also said that when she dropped him off a message for the consent, he replied to it by the demand that Reyansh would stay with him.

He puts pressure on the fact that people are dying due to COVID-19 and the upcoming third wave is dangerous for kids. Furthermore he alleged that Shweta has left behind everything in this crucial time just to earn money and called her out for her behaviour. He questioned her at this point with some serious points, such as, ‘is there any shortage of money’?, ‘even if she wanted to leave, why didn’t she leave the kid with me, just because he took care of Reyansh when he was tested COVID-19 positive last time.

He pleaded that Shweta needs to tell the truth, when he is the natural guardian then why is the kid with his nani or sisters? And he also claims that she has detained his kid in an undisclosed location. He warns her by saying mind yourself, law is slow but not a joke. You can’t take it for a ride. He added to it that he would’ve not gone from hotel to hotel looking for his son.

He issues a statement in this context that-

“Last night, I had gone to over 10 hotels to search for my child. Had you informed me, why would i run from hotel to hotel? Why would i call child helpline? Why am i registering an FIR now against you for neglect under the Juvenile Justice Act under section 75 & 82? You have abandoned the child and not even let him be with me. This is too much”.

To he added-

“It might take some time, this Tuesday might be my hearing at the High court. But I will get a date, I will make sure that my child doesn’t suffers in the future. Your PR has spread such lies against me, you have lost it this time, and you can win against me only by killing me now.”

In the conclusion he also clarified that he takes care of the child financially too and unlike Shweta claims of him not being a responsible guardian.