Shiksha News is an organization that stands for what is right. We are not just covering news and presenting it in front of people, we are here to share a perception of what is happening and trying to bring a change in society. In recent years, we have all witnessed a depletion of Ethics when it comes to covering news in the country and the biased and paid media houses have participated in it, rigorously. We have the vision to change the scenario of the Indian News & Media Industry. We are mainly here to bring a change and raising voice against what is wrong or unfair.
Working for the betterment of the Indian Education system and making sure that the Education reaches every Indian remains the primary goal.
For that Instance, we have an additional feature on our website, which allows every visitor to our website to login and write their emotions down. Be it a piece of news that you want to upload, be it your own problem, be it some innovation, be it anything. You have this platform to speak up and raise your voice.

DIRECTOR – Vivek Singh Raghuvanshi 


CEO/CMO – Akshay Bhatia


CTO – Vishal Khatri