Recently, Kavita Kaushik was abused on social media, and to teach a lesson to abusers, shared screenshots of some messages on her Twitter. In these messages, the fans had abused her for different different things, after which Kavita decided to teach them a good lesson.

TV actress Kavita Kaushik is known for her overbearing style. Kavita Kaushik, the contestant of Bigg Boss season 14, is very active on social media and keeps sharing the moments of her personal and professional life with her fans.

In this incident, when Kavita decided to act upon the nuisance that was being created by her so-called fans who were rather than appreciating and showing fan love, were abusing her. As and when she surfaced the screenshots of those hate comments and stuff, some of them started apologizing and begging her for the trolls.

A user wrote – forgive me, I made a mistake.  I am a girl, please forgive me. Another user apologized in a similar way and wrote – My mother and father are very poor people. Forgive me please. Kavita not only gave an answer to the abusers on social media but she responded to them in a way that they were taught the right lesson and also made an appeal to her fans.

While sharing screenshots of these messages, Kavita wrote in the caption – Take them out.  Bring it to the world.  In doing so, Kavita has received mixed reactions to her tweet.

One user wrote – Let it go, Madam he looks like a School kid.  While another user wrote – Do you check your Insta message?  Because I too have sent you a lot of beautiful messages, but you only pay attention to this kind of junk.

Kavita Kaushik was seen in Bigg Boss 14 in December last year and created a stir for her controversial presence on the internet. The actress, along with her husband Ronit, played horns with Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik after making headlines in her past. At a time when tensions were running high in the house, Kavita’s husband Ronit sent tweets saying that Abhinav had a drinking issue and used to send Kavita drunk texts in the past.

In fact, there was an episode when Abhinav and Rubina confronted Kavita and Ronit over the claims during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan. While the confrontation was in progress Abhinav did not say no on sending messages to Kavita, but definitely objected to the allegation that the contents of the messages were violent in nature.

After the show, Rubina, who was eventually championed, said she had not discussed Kavita’s allegations.  In an interview, Rubina shared that she trusts her husband and believes that Kavita’s allegations are not true. She further added that there is no point in doing something which has a single ‘aspect’.