ACP Pradyuman fame Shivaji Satam recently claimed of having no work. In an interview, he shared his plight and said, “Nahi hai, toh nahi hai (it is what it is).” The actor, who has immortalized the character, along with the catchphrase – ‘Daya, kuch toh gadbad hai’, recently spoke about his journey as the ever-suspicious investigator on the Sony TV show.

Although he is a popular Marathi theater actor, and has played several supporting characters in Bollywood films, his work in CID is something he will be known for the most. In his interview to Hindustan Times, the actor also shared that he has been type casted due to his role as ACP Pradyuman and is offered similar roles.


Tulsi from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Komolika from Kasautii Zindagii Kay, duo of Hansa and Praful from Khichdi – these are some of the most iconic Hindi television characters to have come in the last two decades.

While the shows they were part of can be forgotten, what will remain etched in the memory of the viewers will be some special traits and quirks that these characters followed.

Interestingly, the newer generation, who have different sensibilities and taste, also know these characters through memes and comedy sketches. Along with the characters mentioned above, ACP Pradyuman from CID also remains as one of the most memorable characters. It’s unfortunate that an actor, who immortalized the character, is now not getting acting offers.

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The Facts of the Matter

Vaastav, Pukar, and recently released Haseen Dilruba, these are just a few of the films in which veteran actor Shivaji Satam played a supportive role worth remembering. However, he is truly known for the character of ACP Pradyuman, from police procedural show CID. While the actor has truly immortalized his character, he himself is not in the greenest phase of his career.

“Nahi Hai Toh Nahi Hai…”: Shivaji Satam

“I won’t say that I am getting many offers. Nahi hai toh nahi hai. There are one or two offers that are not interesting as well. I am from Marathi theatre, I have always done projects that I liked,” the Marathi veteran actor was quoted saying, in a Hindustan Times report.

The actor added that it’s his bad luck that no powerful characters are being currently written which he would like to work on. “It’s a loss on both sides. As an actor, I miss out on good work and the audience misses out on good actors,” the 71-year-old actor added.

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“Main Kyun Karu?”: Shivaji Satam on Getting Similar ‘Cop Roles’

When an actor immortalizes a particular kind of character, chances are that they would be offered similar roles by other writers and creators. The same is the issue with Mr. Satam. In his interview, he admitted how he has been getting ‘cop roles’ for the most part. As he has played the role of a cop since the better part of the last 20 years, he also added that he doesn’t want to continue doing so. “Main kyun karu? I cannot do the same role again and again,” Mr. Satam said.

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On Coming Back as ACP Pradyuman

However, there’s enough fire in the belly of the veteran actor. After its cancellation in 2018, fans have been waiting with a bated breath and crossed fingers for a new edition of CID.

Mr. Satam added that if the show is produced again, he will be happy to return. “Tomorrow (if) C.I.D. starts again, I’ll be right in the front to do the project. I’m not tired of playing the character, but tired of being home,” he was quoted saying.


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